A Harvard student snuck a brutal hidden message about Jeffrey Epstein into his smack-talk piece published in Yale’s student newspaper


This year, the suspicious death of wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein spawned a popular conspiracy theory that he was murdered despite the official determination that he died by suicide while awaiting trial.

The conspiracy is so pervasive, in fact, that it has popped up everywhere from memes and Christmas sweaters to cable news interviews and Trump tweets. And now, more than three months after Epstein’s death, a Harvard student is leaning on the conspiracy theory to troll Yale ahead of Saturday’s rivalry game.

Prior to Harvard’s and Yale’s gridiron grudge match each year, the student newspapers at the esteemed Ivy League institutions — The Harvard Crimson and the Yale Daily News — have a tradition of publishing a “dueling column” from their rival publication.

This year, Cade Palmer — a staff writer for The Crimson and a senior at Harvard College — wrote a piece titled “Yale Needs Harvard” that was published in the Yale Daily News. Though it reads as straightforward smack talk upon first glace, a closer look reveals a second, much more subtle dig.

The first letter of each sentence in Palmer’s 723-word hit piece spell out “EPSTEIN DIDNT KILL HIMSELF, A YALE GRAD DID IT.” – READ MORE

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