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Should the U.S. Government Investigate Sex Abuse in Hollywood?

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If they can’t stop themselves from abusing women, should the government step in and investigate?

On his Fox News show on Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson called sexual abuse in Hollywood “epidemic” and said the U.S. government should investigate it.

“It is time for the federal government to get involved,” he said. “The Department of Justice should launch an immediate investigation into Hollywood’s culture of systematic sexual abuse.”

Carlson went on to say there’s “ample precedent” for U.S. government involvement, given that the Department of Justice under President Barack Obama launched more than 300 investigations into colleges and universities, looking to expose and punish them for enabling a culture of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

In 2014, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights released a list of colleges and universities under investigation for possible violations of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination based on sex at schools that receive federal funding. – READ MORE

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  • patriot6

    The government should stay out of it. hollyweird is full of hateful, lying people. And they reap what they sow. How many of them made the most vile statements regarding Trump? True, they have the right to free speech, but do they have the right to engage in blatantly lying for the sole purpose of destroying someone, anyone? Because they don’t like him? And all the while those same people are taking part in the same vile actions they accused Trump of, and worse. hollyweird is a cesspool. Let them wallow in it. I want to see them turn in the pedophiles, name the names.

  • Bavak

    Only if a crime. Same as any other business.

  • floam

    Patriot6– What if there is a connection/correlation between Hollywood/west coast perverts and d.c./east coast perverts –Podesta, Epstein, Clintons and the other pigs who may be involved in pedophilia, sex trafficking, etc? Who are the h-weirdos going to turn-in the pedophiles to? Certainly not the governor or AG of CA. There has to be an outlet for victims or enablers to turn to if they want to stop this.