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House Passes Amendment to Block Funding of Sessions Civil Asset Forfeiture Program

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The House of Representatives passed an amendment Tuesday which blocks funding of a controversial program reimplemented by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The amendment, co-sponsored by Reps. Jamie Raskin (D., Md.), Jim Sensenbrenner (R., Wisc.), and John Conyers (D., Mich.), affects the federal government’s involvement in the controversial practice known as civil asset forfeiture. Attached to a larger appropriations bill, the amendment passed on a voice vote.

Civil asset forfeiture is a legal procedure by which police can seize property without formally convicting or even charging its owner, based on the suspicion that the property has been involved in illegal activity. The tool was originally conceived of as a way for investigators to cripple criminal gangs, permitting them to seize drugs and cash without arresting their owners. – READ MORE

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  • A REAL American Trump Voter✓

    I hate to say this about Sessions as I like how he goes after criminals for the most part. But….. just bringing back that original Clinton’s First Year of Asset Forfeiture that enabled him and Hitlery to launder money earned from it via the Clinton Foundation is asinine. It brings back memories of the Feds going after Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris for doing nothing more than trying to live without government hounding them to death for it!

    Actually Ruby Ridge was just the first attempt to confiscate private property in the name of the law. Oregon got overwhelmed by this same ‘Asset Forfeiture’ law with some major money laundering going on to facilitate liquidating those assets by using unscrupulous seizure of private property for doing nothing more than having a church that didn’t think it should be paying taxes in the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ confiscation tale of the Feds deceit and illegal seizure of private property that made some private corporations….. like Coldwell Banker and Real Estate investor firm…. RICHER…. for making the Clinton Foundation…. RICHER!!!

    Although I don’t see Sessions as doing this for the same reasons Clinton and Democrats got it pasted. Strangely in spite of the fact Bill Clinton most definitely screwed black Democrats more than Snowflake Liberals! ……by making sure they could seize property whether they got a drug conviction or not on blacks. Which went on to become the most emprisoned people for minor drug busts because Marijuana was a schedule 1 drug higher and more illegal than heroin or cocaine! ……that’s when you know they were set up and since they were fellow democrat liberal didn’t know betters…… they got screwed twice as much by their own party as Republicans would ever do!!! …..and now Sessions wants to wake up the same crooked system??? Hell…. No We Won’t allow that to happen again and I’m not about to stand by and see more tax dollars wasted on putting half of America in Jail ever again….. where in the end we all…. LOSE!!!

  • Devolusionist

    That Sessions is a thorn part of the system like a mole.