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BREAKING: Comey Mandates All FBI Agents Report to D.C. Offices; Prep for Raids, Possible Arrests in Clinton Probes

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FBI Director James Comey issued a mandate late Thursday instructing all available special agents from the Washington D.C. field office and Hoover Building headquarters to report to work immediately, federal law enforcement sources told True Pundit.

“We’re preparing for many arrests from the top down,” the FBI source said. “I cannot elaborate beyond that.”

When pressed to better define what “from the top down” meant in terms of possible suspects, the source refused to elaborate.

“You’re a smart guy; read between the lines,” the source said.

Based on case protocol, the FBI is either preparing to conduct sweeping search warrants in the Clinton Foundation investigation or ready to start arresting suspects. Or both. If a grand jury has been convened by the Justice Department since Comey’s decision to re-open the Hillary Clinton case last week, then the FBI could make arrests if indictments were handed down by Thursday (yesterday). If not, it is more likely FBI agents are being amassed for multiple simultaneous raids on suspects’ homes and businesses to secure warrant-backed evidence.

Will search warrants be served on Friday? Based on FBI protocol, Friday raids are unorthodox in cases not involving kidnappings or investigations where human lives are at risk. Preparation for wide-scale raids can take 48 hours or more, depending on how many targets are in play.

The Clinton investigation has reached a fever pitch this week fueled by alarming new allegations first unveiled on Wednesday by True Pundit. New revelations from newly-recovered Clinton emails, according to law enforcement sources, implicate the Democratic presidential candidate, her subordinates, and even select elected officials in far more alleged serious crimes than mishandling classified and top secret emails, sources said. NYPD sources linked to the probe said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:

  • Money laundering
  • Child exploitation
  • Sex crimes with minors (children)
  • Perjury
  • Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Other felony crimes

Documents and emails released late Thursday by Wikileaks substantiated certain allegations of child exploitation linked to the Clinton Foundation; with Hillary as secretary of state and President Bill Clinton acting as a United Nation’s special envoy to Haiti after its devastating 2010 earthquake.


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  • Parker O’Brien

    Spell check last paragraph, exploration?

  • Hoganthewonderpig

    The Clintons have huge influence in the Justice dept. I doubt they will allow a Grand Jury to be convened or they will at least stall. I hope I am wrong.

  • 2face

    Why give people a pre warning and thus a chance to hide evidence?

  • Who knows, Steve Pieczenik is a credible source…if he was right, then perhaps this is real too…

  • Eudaimonic Rex

    Guys is it possible for Clinton to be charged with anything, given that she essentially owns the DOJ? Serious question.

  • Justin McKeown

    We shall See!!

  • No idea

  • earl hickey

    If this is true , I will be really embarrassed for my country. At the same time I will be really proud because it will be a triumph of the rule of law.

  • waffle_anna

    Remember, they brought down Al Capone for tax fraud. IRS is investigating Clinton Foundation.

  • Sharrukin

    There is a limit to how much political nonsense Obama will put up with on her behalf.

    He may simply cut her loose if it gets too hot.

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  • Fleming_007
  • Deathbringer

    Wikileaks confirmed the droning story was true.

    I hope this present story is true as well.

  • daisychain

    they havent been wrong yet…i would be shocked if this is a lie

  • The Darker Side

    Love all the haters on here. YOU MUST BE NEW HERE.

    True Pundit is top notch. This ain’t Alex Jones people!

  • Truly a KEK or die moment for them…

  • Deathbringer

    Trump just said in Selma, NC “Clinton … if she’s allowed to run”. Does he know something (as usual) that we don’t know yet? His sources are unmatched.

  • Eudaimonic Rex

    That’s totally different though–with Capone they had the political will to indict for all of his crimes but they lacked the evidence for all but the tax fraud. In this case we have the opposite–mounting evidence but lack of political will.

  • Cynthia Campbell


  • Bill Carmody

    A real coup de ta to save America from the corrupted oligarchs. I hope the commies don’t leak this like they did the bay in cuba.

  • WooTs

    He would be privy to high clearance stuff right now since he is one of the frontrunning candidates

  • Deathbringer

    I want you to be right. I want her to face the consequences of what she did so bad.

  • Well that is less than confidence inspiring atm…

  • Deathbringer

    True, I forgot about that.

  • The Darker Side

    I’m sure they don’t care much what you think, get educated before you look silly. They broke huge stories all election.

  • Jaeman


  • Deathbringer

    If the FBI arrested her now, it would be more responsible than after the election because people need to know what’s going on and be prevented from voting for a criminal.

  • I do, but it’s Steve Pieczenik of all people…if it was some nameless person I would write it off, this is blanton liable if a lie

  • Eudaimonic Rex

    Haha my thoughts exactly. The only question is the timeline: will they actually press federal charges before the end of the year? If Trump wins they might bide their time.

  • Mark J. Williams

    Glad to hear that, but this is not just a bombshell, it’s a thermonuclear election-detonating, government-destabilizing set of allegations. The bar needs to be a bit higher than for random Wikileaks and the like which we mostly already knew were true anyway.

  • WooTs

    I agree with you on that

  • Have Hope

    It’s already way too hot. He is protecting himself at this point.

  • Vyse Legendaire



  • mmknows

    Whats the dronong story?

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Could you provide the source for that confirmation? I was under the impression that no specific mention of using a drone to assassinate him was contained in those emails.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    might be going to pick up the small players to start flipping them? Platte River Networks employees and the like.

  • Mark J. Williams

    If FBI, NYPD, or members of Congress were to go public with these allegations, staking their reputations on the claim? Sure.

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  • Elric of Melnibone

    be careful here people.. we need confirmation elsewhere before we can run full bore with this.. might have a lot of egg on our face..

  • GTR003121

    I’ll have you know that Alex Jones is fantastic, at selling water filters. On a more serious note, if nothing else, he’s helped wake a lot of people up.

  • Sharrukin

    Clearly biased?

    Unlike CNN, or the New York Times? Right?

  • Nevermore
  • Ruben Browning

    Insert Mr.Bison “YESS, YESS” video here.

  • GTR003121

    Who is that woman? She looks just like Webb Hubbell.

  • Deathbringer

    Clinton’s daughter Chelsea.

  • TheAtlanticIsPropaganda

    I would recommend no one share this yet. Seems odd a nothing site would have a story like this to break…believe me, I hope this is the real deal but if you all go and blow your load showing this to everyone and its nothing, they likely won’t listen to you when you want to present something in the future

  • Nevermore

    Her prodigious Hubblell like jowls, give her away.

  • Mark J. Williams
  • Sharrukin

    According to Wikileaks the Clinton campaign writes or approves about half the stories in those so-called ‘unbiased’ sources even if they have the byline of some hack reporter.

  • bill smith

    Politicians should not have a lower standard… in many democracies, even a perceived impropriety causes people to resign or special commissions to be launched.

  • BuckarooBanzai

    It’s worth the risk. I never knew of this site till now.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    If this turns out to be true they will become as legendary as Drudge.

  • Smoking Gun

    [–]spysnipedis[S] 61 points 51 minutes ago*
    True Pundit are the ones who broke the Julian Assange story on Hillary wanting to drone strike him. and The ones who claim the statement from the NYPD earlier.. They also broke the story on the FBI being divided… They either got really lucky, or they have an inside source feeding them information.. we will know for sure if this is true by tomorrow or by saturday (if the november 5th theory is true)… if not.. true pundit = dead

  • True Pundit

    I think the debate about us being real and true ended yesterday with a resounding FU** YES when we were the first and only to print this:

    You’re welcome to joust away on here. No time to babysit haters. We’re breaking our butts on stories. Thanks to all supporters.

  • oopoocopter

    Thank you for doing the good work.

  • Sharrukin

    And you know all this how exactly?

    psychic powers?

  • ShaneHill✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Just the arrests and media attention (yuge) that will bring will guarantee Trump the victory.

  • Bad Goy

    Big if true.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    If this was going to happen I am pretty sure it would happen like this.. Comey start calling people in the middle of the night to assemble.. Brief everyone and then roll into action.. Meaning it will be til tomorrow morning before they start knocking on doors. Might be best to go to bed and dream of orange jumpsuit parades.

  • Sharrukin


    I don’t care how many people run it.

    I only care if they are reliable and concerned about the truth.

    I know the sources you prefer ARE NOT.

  • Mark Carr✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    When will this happen? Before Nov.8? Sorry I’m new here.

  • The Darker Side

    should they print the cops’ names and addresses? how long are you visiting earth for?

  • Shadillay_Trump

    Good riddance to satan worshiping 70 year old lesbian!

  • daisychain

    it’s a legit site

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Do a whois lookup.

  • Sharrukin

    They wouldn’t have any sources at all if they burned them by revealing their names.

  • Denise Husted

    Hahaha….that was my EXACT THOUGHT.

  • Hide evidence? They (FBI) already have all the evidence.

  • BuckarooBanzai

    If true. This not only shows how corrupt the Clintons are but the entire system. for years. all the main stream media outlets need to be destroyed along with the Clintons. They do no vetting when it comes to the Clintons.. or democrats in general for that matter. the all need to be held to account.. they all need to be locked up. This type of stuff is not supposed to happen in America. Democrats are not absent of morality the have the morals of Satan himself.

  • daisychain

    it’s a good site…thomas is a good man

  • Rick


  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Not at all. They just shouldn’t be claiming they have proved themselves when we have no reason to believe the information is true.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    Seems confident.. Maybe some fire brewing here..

  • zebra23

    If true that would be great. But why leak this. It would just allow the criminals more time to destroy crucial evidence.

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Exactly. They are jumping the gun by saying they have ‘ended the debate’ when that is yet to be proven.

  • daisychain

    i think we all know bill n hillary are capable of all of this..they are also really good avoiding accountability

  • Elric of Melnibone

    I take it the FBI would rather you not have released this? Blows up their surprise..

  • Ty

    Eh, I’m sure they already knew what’s coming when 650k emails were discovered on Wiener’s laptop

  • oopoocopter

    Like they’re all not prepared at this point if they know they’re guilty. They’ve had days to “wipe” evidence.

  • ॐ peaceful_revolutionary

    I don’t know if this story is true or not, only time will tell, but … Woodward & Bernstein called him Deep Throat. Did that make it any less true?

  • Elric of Melnibone

    I guess with 650,000 pieces of evidence you don’t need 1 more.

  • daisychain

    truepundit has old school real reporters n journalist…exactly what our country needs

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    We know that they are crooked, we do not know that they are pedophiles.

  • WooTs

    Im sure they have enough evidence already

  • Deathbringer

    Tomorrow will tell. I think tomorrow will also the start of Wikileaks’ “Phase 3” according to their twitter feed, implicating Clinton directly.

  • daisychain

    your wrong..great new site from a real journalist…writer..reporter. this site has broken before drudgereport. juzt bc they are new doesnt make them the rest of true pundit all good true reports

  • Deathbringer

    Interestingly, tomorrow or at the latest on Saturday will also be the start of Wikileaks’ “Phase 3” according to their twitter feed, implicating Clinton directly.

  • Sharrukin

    26 trips to Lolita Island by Bill Clinton with a convicted pedophile pimp and you aren’t sure what might have been going on?

  • DownWithHillarySheDeservesJail

    This is our last chance. The elites won’t back down. We need a smoking gun that shows something huge so that even the most clueless liberal can’t vote for her.

  • daisychain

    seriously? SMH hillary wanted a drone to take out Assange. proven true thru wikileaks

  • Mark J. Williams

    This stuff isn’t entirely out of the blue:

    1) Wikileaks tweet of Reddit research:

    2) A related / updated line of research:

    3) Steve Pieczenik’s videos (linked below)

    4) Clinton’s famous trips on the Lolita Express:

    The original TP bombshell pub’d on Wednesday was tweeted out by Trump surrogate Gen. Flynn, so it’s not just random internet trolls.

  • 73Anne37

    Guess you People have not been to reddit/TheDonald lately have you~! READ~! It is occurring & many people have been working on this even outside the FBI~!

    The story that Broke here the Other night ~~about the Clinton Pedophilia Connection continues to be validated more each day. Look around ~& you will see.

    So Quick to be Critical~~& so LAZY No to go out there & read & check~!~

  • Jim the Hermit

    While we’re waiting for the arrests, enjoy Marina Abramovic’s “Spirit Cooking” as mentioned in the Podesta email #15893

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So you’re basically saying that everybody who ever hung out with Michael Jackson and went to his mansion was a pedophile?

  • JasonSteiner

    I hope this is true. I feel we need something this big to defeat Hillary considering the entire establishment is on her side.

  • Deathbringer

    A Google search shows this Truepundit story is already spreading. Let’s hope it’s true.

  • daisychain

    Thomas is an top notch reporter writer journalist. he is exactly what our country needs

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It was not. Those emails never made mention of a drone to target Julian Assange.

  • Elric of Melnibone
  • saxon1066

    God help us.

  • W. Geoffrey Jones

    It’s not so much haters that doubt the credibility (it’s highly credible given the sheer corruption revealed by the tip of the iceberg we’ve seen in recent Podesta emails, combined with re-opened FBI investigation — it’s highly likely and even logical that the next step would be arrests given the seriousness of it all and the urgency the NYPD have displayed). No, they’re not haters — they’re ppl who have trouble believing what is plainly set in front of them, people who demand a “sign” — always suspicious.

  • Sharrukin

    Epstein was a pedophile pimp and Bill Clinton even ditched his Secret Service detail for at least five of those trips.

    If you are pretending to not understand then I can only assume you simply don’t care if the Clintons are pedophiles or not.

  • DownWithHillarySheDeservesJail

    Whoa that looks like his real Twitter account. Definitely not some random.

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You’re really asking us to take stuff seriously on Reddit?

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You know that pedophiles are human beings just like the rest of us? Hanging out with murders, pedophiles, thieves, rapists, etc does not mean that you also are guilty of those crimes.


    snopes is a LIEberal disinformation site, sorry.

  • DownWithHillarySheDeservesJail

    Even Alex Jones is right half the time.

    He exaggerates too much. But a lot of his themes and rumors turn out to be correct.

  • Brian Bowen


  • Have you checked Wikipedia yet?

  • WooTs

    Who the believes “snopes”

    They are practically run by Clintons Campaign

  • Vyse Legendaire


  • Jobu

    Are you new to the internet ?

  • DownWithHillarySheDeservesJail

    The same snopes that covered for Soros

  • Sharrukin

    I don’t.

    I am new here and know nothing about them.

    I do know a great deal about how biased, dishonest, and unreliable CNN, the New York Times, etc are.

    You seem to have a great deal of respect those those cesspools which tells me a great deal about your own concern for honesty and fair reporting.

  • Elric of Melnibone
  • John Smith

    Its not costing you anything so why get so worked up. If it is correct then it will pass if not then it will not. I only care that DT get elected on Tuesday. Everything else is a side show.

  • Have Hope

    That is talking about the pedo stuff only. There still can be FBI raids on the other matters.

  • DownWithHillarySheDeservesJail

    I still like him.

    He was one of the first to question the official 9/11 story publicly under his own name.

  • Sharrukin

    “You know that pedophiles are human beings just like the rest of us?”

    No, I really don’t know that at all.

  • Jobu

    Not worked up at all. It is up to us to elect the man. Waiting for a messianic intervention/arrest is counter productive.

  • Titan

    Redditt effectively revealed this entire can of worms about a month ago.

  • Mark J. Williams
  • Ty

    Also, If this was real they’d need a grand jury. Do we think Loretta Lynch would permit that?

  • 73Anne37

    Yes~! But if you support Hillary~You will Not believe it~`because it is the TRUTH based on FBI Files{released with the FOIA Act] & Wikileaks~E-Mails!

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I can’t be the only person that knows about the horrible reputation of Reddit.

  • Mark J. Williams

    James O’Keefe is also hinting at another video tomorrow:

  • 73Anne37

    No they are in the process of Figuring it out~!


    They said: Let’s make the 5th of November a Day to Remember.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    Weird that the crimes listed are identical to those mentioned here.

  • Sharrukin
  • daisychain

    you are reading his work on true pundit… thomas paine’s site. ive been following him for a while now n all his reports have beat drudge to the release….

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I’m so sorry.

  • Jobu

    The FBI contacted Anonymous to work together.

    I stopped reading right there.

  • TheDOC

    I know. Read the original post, scroll down to the bottom.

  • DeplorableHippie

    4chan and 8ch revealed it in July.

  • Sharrukin

    Don’t be. I never wanted a child rapist as a pal in any case.

  • John Smith

    Exactly but we had 17500 people in NC yesterday with a 2 day notice. So I think we will be just fine. Even on .huffingtonpost people are waking up. I think we got this one we just need to make sure people go out and vote.

  • Jobu


  • John Smith

    I already got my brothers entire family to vote in Florida so that is 4 votes. 2 of them never voted before.

  • Mark J. Williams

    Except if you actually read the Snopes article, that refers to something published in the Christian Times Newspaper, which is a self-proclaimed satire site. Nowhere is TP mentioned, and they also make no mention of why a sitting president would take 26 flights with a known pedophile.

    Just sayin’

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Not all pedophiles are child molesters, let’s go ahead and get that out of the way. Thought crimes are not a thing here like they are in the UK. Nobody is saying you should be friends with them, just that they are human beings who also suffer from an inappropriate attraction to children.


  • DeplorableHippie

    Arrest can come before grand jury. Not sayin all this is true but…they would prob have to go full public and not wait for DOJ.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    Yes hard to believe, the only reason I post it here is because of the identical list of crimes, which seems to tie these two together.

  • daisychain

    lol… thomas paine is a good man. he wouldnt post unless he was 100%. he hasnt been wrong yet.

  • Sharrukin

    They covered up John Edwards affair for months.

    Why would these media sources start telling the truth now?

  • WeWillWin*Trump/Pence*


  • Elric of Melnibone

    Actually there needs to be consequences for this corruption that entail more than just losing this election for the Clintons. As Schweizer laid out today this pay to play scheme could be adopted by future government officials. If the allegations are true an example must be made.

  • UrbanCamper

    This is not believable but I can dream a little – it’s fun just to think that she would get what she deserves although it will probably never happen.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    23 votes for Trump from my family in Florida.

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This isn’t even the point. The point is that people who associate with criminals are not necessarily criminals themselves.

  • Jobu

    We are here and trailblazing is often thankless. Hope your source was not playing you. It is right in their playbook. Cheers.

  • Matt

    You playing cat-and-mouse games with hard facts makes you every bit as questionable as the author of this article.

    WhoIs didn’t turn up anything, nor did a surface-level Google search. So please enlighten us

  • adumbrate

    They are not going to do this before the election – no fricken way.


    Pence and Giuliani were saying there would be a big surprise coming.They knew this was going down.

    Now the “Pardon Me” joke at the Al Smith dinner makes sense, Trump knew exactly what was going to happen.

    This is getting very real and very fun

  • Travis

    they’re good dogs, brent.

  • Jobu

    4 here and refused to take my mother who was going to spoil one of our votes. She’s been zombified by CNN. I keep checking it off our cable package but she gets really cranky.

  • 2face

    Yeah. Or maybe the FBI wants to get the evidence first so they can hide it for them. Before NYPD get their hands on it.

  • daisychain

    :)…. just hang out…you will be a new reader soon. if its on truepundit or drudge im believing. join us on twitter..

  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    If it is, then we’ll know shortly.

  • Jobu

    I understood that to be Trump winning the Presidency… But there is something in the air… Gowdy and Congress is way too quiet.

  • Deathbringer

    Trump said today in Selma, NC, “Hillary … if she is allowed to run”. Really caught my attention considering the election is in a few days. I wonder what he meant; sounds like some foreshadowing and that he knows something is about to happen.

  • saxon1066

    Good point on the Al Smith dinner!

    Nothing fun about this though.. this is getting very dangerous.

  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You take stuff on Reddit with a grain of salt, but they’ve had their hits for sure. But anywho yes I heard the rumors of what triggered the FBI to get involved, but hearing them in two places with no sources or names behind them – it doesn’t make it true.

    But hey, if it is true, then I give them huge props and they’ll go right to my must read daily bookmarks.

  • Jobu

    He’s been using that line on the stump for months.

  • Rowenna

    I have no doubt the Clinton’s are capable of this. My main skepticism with the story is a) I don’t know this website so will not take what I read at face value b) the actions listed here would by all accounts require action / cooperation by Lynch who has shown a pattern of wanting to protect the Clintons which would mean something has caused her to do a 180.

    There is good reason to be skeptical of this story… the good news is that if it true then we shall see within the next 48 hrs.

  • Deathbringer

    I know, but it still sounded weird at the end of the campaign.

  • John Smith

    How does your family usually vote?

  • a_squid_in_internets

    I hope they give us a little heads up so I can make some popcorn.

  • Deathbringer

    They should; I think it’s their duty to prevent a criminal from becoming POTUS.

  • Jobu

    Congress behavior is very strange. All that blood in the water and no sharks ???

  • Matt

    If I did, I wouldn’t be asking you.

    You’re demanding a lot and delivering nothing, seeing as how you’ve responded to just about every comment here. As of yet, you are -at most- a stunning example of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance.

  • Jobu

    Seems really odd that he would bring his officers to Washington. They have agents all over the country and 22 arrests would not all be conducted in Washington.

  • daisychain

    you will be back 🙂 join us on twitter…

  • WooTs

    If they have the evidence, they should act on it. No reason to wait

  • Elric of Melnibone

    I prefer to do my own fact checking rather than rely on one arbiter, thanks but no thanks.

    I think the days of politifact and snopes as political fact checkers are about to take a big hit if the fallout is indeed nuclear.

    Recently, however, the site has tried to pose as a political fact-checker. But Snopes’ “fact-checking” looks more like playing defense for prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton and it’s political “fact-checker” describes herself as a liberal and has called Republicans “regressive” and afraid of “female agency.”

    Read more:

  • Just_My_Opinion

    The owners of SNOPES are BIG supporters of Clinton and are not reliable, anymore. It’s just “click-bait”, now!

  • Sharrukin

    I assumed they meant the local FBI agents were all brought in, not the entire nations.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    Some GOP, some Dem, but it was still a bit tough to get them all on board, but the last 4-6 weeks they started to come together.

  • raincid
  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    But who owns me?

  • Jobu

    Declaring War on Russia is a lot more dangerous and a compromised President is capable of anything, Given the Grifters track record. I would arrest them ASAP

  • Jobu


  • opaque blinders

    Either way, true or not it’s going to make a great movie!

  • Jojo Lee

    Disgustment of the highest degree, these Clintonites Baphomet worshippers. Lock em up and throw away the keys.

  • FeralCat

    Somewhere over the rainbow … … …

  • Elric of Melnibone

    Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Treason and Plot, Anonymous uses that Guy Fawkes mask. Hmmm..

  • Jobu

    The only one who could have tapes of disgusting crap like that would be Epstein. Unless he handed them to Clinton so they could blackmail others ???

    Would she be crazy enough to keep that on her server ???

  • Jackiemoon110

    They don’t have any ads you moron. Take your blocker off & see

  • Sharrukin

    Or the Clintons also used Epstein as a source to provide children as a means to power and influence over others.

  • Jobu

    There is this video that was released 3 weeks ago that’s been bugging me in its details.

  • Skele

    “Can’t we just drone this guy?” Clinton openly inquired, offering a simple remedy to silence Assange and smother Wikileaks via a planned military drone strike, according to State Department sources.

  • Matthew

    Kek wills it?

  • Pingback: RUMOR: Comey Calling All FBI Agents To D.C. Offices to Prep for Raids, Possible Arrests – ZeroPointNow()

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Sup guys this story exploding yet???

    (ง ◕ ‿‿ ◕ )ง

  • corruptionkills

    We know Lynch is going to do everything she can to block the FBI.
    She needs to be one of the first people that Attorney General Giuliani indicts.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Take that Killary (∩ ͡° ヮ ͡° )⊃━☆゚.*

  • AppleSeeder

    So I guess you expect us to consider a source such as CNN as being credible? Ha!

  • Jackiemoon110

    Again a real genius we have here. For people without profile pics (like eggs on Twitter) each site can pick a default profile pic. This is obviously the one TP picked

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Take that Podesta-Satan
    (∩ ͡° ヮ ͡° )⊃━☆゚.*

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Take that Obomber (∩ ͡° ヮ ͡° )⊃━☆゚.*

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Bernie ….I’m sorry we had to break up this way
    ヽ( ⌣ ᴥ ⌣” )ノ

  • Tyry

    I hope its AG Trey Gowdy

  • Skele

    I bet $20 a few weeks ago that Hillary would drop out or be forced out at 100 to 1 odds. That is a $2000 payout

  • John Smith

    Awesome job. What changed their mind? For my brother it was the fact that he is not a politician and that he loves the country.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Tired based nocturnal anons: ( ☯ ﹏ ☯ )

  • Heidi


  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Hmm, I don’t recall saying that.

  • read the links provided.. whatever is going on, the person running this site seems to know..

  • AlFromBayShore

    I remember that video!

  • daisychain

    its new n beats drudge to stories..

  • daisychain

    no…its a good a so far very rep site. you will ck it like you do drudge.

  • daisychain

    drone Assange story… he was breaking stories on twitter all the time…n he just put it all now on this website.

  • Cidra

    Or leave for Quatar?

  • Jackiemoon110

    They have a press page for a reason

  • Nitrium

    You must have missed the memo: Reddit is the new Washington Post.

  • Elric of Melnibone
  • Rowenna

    It does not bode well for this website that the comment you are referring to here merely questionned the email and yet has been removed by moderator. Deleting such non-offensive comments implies a lack of integrity and transparancy. No doubt this shall be removed to.

  • expatman

    The Military and the Police are with us. The downfall of the muslim brotherhood member fascist dictator Obama Hussein Obama.

    The agenda of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa and the Middle East. We’re doing their work, pitting ourselves against Syria, Iran and ultimately Russia and China. Syria and Iran are firewalls for Russia and China. Russia and China understand the monster created and used by the United States, they understand the Muslim Brotherhood backed terrorists. They will not stop at Syria. They will continue to push into the Federation of Russian States, disrupt oil flow, overthrow nations and threaten the security and sovereignty of Russia and threaten China. We’re playing with fire, and to expect no consequences is ridiculous.

    The path that Obama and Hillary Clinton continues to take, without any objection from congress or others in the U.S., will lead us on a path to self-destruction. Perhaps the ultimate question is whether it is by incompetence or by design.

  • Shirley Hill Roberts

    Woo Hoo, So glad it’s all going to come out at last. But we sure don’t want Kaine either, So I hope this takes him out of the equation too, after all the people didn’t elect him, he was picked by Hillary.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    Kept hammering with the facts, 500% Syrian Refugee increase, etc., etc., you got to let them realize it on their own, the tough part is getting them to start listening, once the leaks started coming it was a lot easier to bring them from dislike to outright support and appreciation for what Trump is trying to do.

  • Shirley Hill Roberts

    By design

  • L. Crass, Deplorable

    Hillary on the redeye to Qatar?

  • TheDeplorableBC733

    her and billy both is my guess.

  • Yeah right like CNN Clinton News Network is going to tell you the truth, give me us a break!

  • Yeah right like CNN Clinton News Network is going to tell you the truth, give us a break!

  • Manny

    Like anything else…but that girl on reddit exposed the pagliano crew asking how to remove headers of vip from emails..that was very very true

  • Nothing you can say to HRC brainwashed minions they will never believe it!

  • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Once again, you are putting words in my mouth.

  • rescue

    We can only hope……but I think this is just another BS story, will we ever get truth anymore?

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  • Yancey Ward

    If there really was evidence widely dispersed, even Lynch couldn’t stop a grand jury.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    Damn I can barely stay awake any longer, was hoping to catch Hillary in the white bronco being chased down I-95 like OJ.

  • Shelly Kay

    same here!

  • Paul

    Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

  • Jobu

    This one is special…

    WikiLeaks ‏@wikileaks 20m20 minutes ago
    Tony Podesta.
    By day, mild mannered Foreign Agent for Saudi Arabia.
    By night, Spirit Cooker.… …


  • Elric of Melnibone

    the top link gives a 404 error.. please fix.

  • Paul

    Here is a link to the traffic cameras on 6th ave. in New York (where Clinton Foundation is located).,511,170,173,171,473,717

    Hopefully we will see some blue lights and black vans arriving shortly.

  • Baby Blue Eyes

    Nothing in the world would make me happier than this story being true. I’m hopeful, but deeply suspicious. I guess we’ll see if True Pundit is legit or not. God, PLEASE let this be TRUE!

  • Oh man, now the bad guys know and can get away.

  • Christian Huffman Baldwin


  • Jobu

    Foxnews setting up the table right now. Something going down…

  • WooTs

    They have money and power, but its the power that they want. They wont leave. Hillary is running for president. She wont “escape” or try to run.

  • WooTs

    no way

  • Jobu

    Well… they are reading from FBI communications. Likely indictment if not blocked by DOJ in money laudering, Bribery,obstruction of justice, perjury….

  • Jobu

    Nothing about pedophilia but say “other crimes”

  • DavoHimself

    Indeed – That’s a very big matza ball they’ve put out on the table right here..!!!

  • Jobu

    Now reporting that the FBI claims a computer glitch is responsible for the leaked Rich pay to play tweet !

    Can’t make this up. the Civil War going on insided the FBI and DOJ

  • Jobu


  • John Smith

    Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

  • Fred

    100% right. she should have never made it this far. If she gets in her actions will be the new normal in gov’t

  • DavoHimself

    wakey, wakey eggs and bakey..
    *i love the smell of an fbi raid in the morning..

  • Jobu

    Every time the AllStar Grifters were given a pass, they escalated their activities.

  • Ida Whanna

    I hope Hillary Clinton gets busted by photographs with children which is horrible thing to say but I don’t think most of her supporters read much and that’s probably the only way they’d ever be convinced she’s a criminal. Most haven’t ever had a Civics class and haven’t any clue what a Constitutional crisis is. I’ve seen some say they don’t care if she broke the law. While exasperating, its not their fault they’ve been dumbed down. That was completely planned by the elites. An “uninformed and compliant citizenry” as we’ve read in WikiLeaks and been told by Alex Jones and others for years.

  • exposethebad

    It’s on right now (Fox)?

  • Gud

    She and her supporters will say they’re photoshop’d. And everyone will buy it. I’m looking forward to the Perp Walk.

  • FeralCat

    Well, this was lovely. Going in circles and getting exactly nowhere.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    If they don’t put cuffs on POTUS then it may all be more theater. The RIGGING started at the top.
    State Dept is riddled with gangsters. Maybe Comey is finally ruled by conscience and will bring about a long needed coup.

  • Renawen

    It already was showered with praise and accolades when this story came out:

    Guess everyone forgot the source of that one.

  • Renawen

    Does no one remember when they broke this story?

    Wikileaks itself tweeted it out. They’re trustworthy.

  • Renawen
  • exposethebad

    Direct TV currently has Fox Network “We are experiencing temporary technical difficulties. Please stand by. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    Anyone else seeing this?

  • Mr. Beak the Deplorable

    Would they really leak a roundup like this beforehand?

  • WooTs

    Im watching fox live stream and its just regular jibber jabber

  • exposethebad

    Reddit now has several others on the Donald channel making the same claim. Odd that it is working for some and not others. Do you have directtv?

  • Vince Jalardo

    Lock her UP! Lock her UP! Lock her UP! Lock her UP! Lock her UP!

  • Harry Callahan

    Take’em all top down!

  • Jobu

    You need something that odious to get her “followers” to accept it. The other question is will her handlers allow her to live ? She can bring down the whole Satanic Church with her.

  • Jobu

    It was on their 5am show but it might be a replay of an earlier show.

  • Jobu

    FOXnews…. not FOX

  • exposethebad

    Thanks. Apparently Fox and Friends has been turned off the past three days. Reading about it now. DirectTV shuts down only to turn back on once it ends. Very odd.

  • TheDeplorableBC733

    He wouldn’t, and he didn’t. Certainly not with all eyes on him like it was this time. They’ve got something.

  • Helpful Canadian

    Sunrise in DC is 7:39 EST. It’s still dark there, give it another couple of hours.

  • She’d still win. Welfare cases.

  • Jobu

    You on Moscow time ?

  • John Smith

    Missed the thing about Friday afternoon. I expected the raid to take place in the morning.

  • DavoHimself

    Trust me. You don’t know JACK.

  • gerbilcrusader

    NSA, CIA, US military are helping the FBI as the Clinton Gang has severely damaged national security and caused the deaths of operatives. It is a lot bigger then what MSM & Fox is reporting. The agencies are attempting a peaceful transition of power and obviously there is a rebellion within the government.

  • Jobu

    Well he will need arrest warrants. My guess if he does not get them, he goes back to Congress ? Resigns ? Arrests Lynch ?

  • S. S. A.

    Yes. In MS, same thing.

  • Gud

    Steve Pieczenik’s video was a significant catalyst for the intel community, I bet.

  • Jobu

    I would tend to agree with that. These guy stick together and they’ve been very poorly treated under this administration. We do know that the NSA has absolutely every file that has move through any US internet/mail server… And phone conversations. So they may have gone back in time and got the whole cabal. 22 arrests in the first dragnet would be unprecedented. But that would be the only way it could be done. Anything else will get all these agents fired or killed.

  • Jobu

    Come on Comey, channel your inner Elliot Ness !

  • Jobu

    Jerome Corsi, William Binney…. Rudy Guiliani. The chatter is unmistakable.

  • Henri

    They aren’t the only ones but Wikileaks has linked to them already a few times. Yes, one has to be cautious but this is how crowdsourcing or decentralization works. Get used to it because this is the future.

  • Sheila Corso

    This guy is legit. He was Special Ops, formed Delta Force & helped overthrow 6 governments. He worked for Kissinger. Hasn’t shown his face on video in over 20 years. Watch in order. These were put out on November 1st. I hope that helps.

  • Jobu

    Reddit has linked to a FOXNews live stream for those in need

  • DavoHimself

    Nice work..!

  • Dwight Upton

    Donald Trump has touched on the topic of the Element of Surprise.
    I wonder if pundits make phone calls to potential suspects and give a heads up before posting articles. Pffft!

  • T robison

    good riddens to bad rubbish

  • Gud

    Me likey a lot.

  • Jason

    Not the mostime trusted site. May just be trying to get people to click to their site. Time will tell if we all should black list the site.

  • DavoHimself

    You mean, Special Prosecuter Giulani..
    Trey Gowdy already is going to be AG

  • The Great Santini

    I know MSM is in the bag for Hillary but If this story was legit, it would be all over front pages of newspapers, and on TV as breaking news. Whether they wanted to admit it or not.

    As much as I want it to be true, it’s just too far fetched. Sorry..Nice try though.

  • Bro daWg


    I would NEVER associate with those kinds, even if they are technically people

  • Sleepy Carson✓

    Big if true.

  • cMc_Dominator

    Me too, 2 reasons, first to help stop it and then to jail or execute the perps.

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  • Bro daWg

    Democrats have always accused Republicans of engaging in witch hunts to get Hillary.

    Guess what? THEY WERE RIGHT.


  • Obama’saracist

    we have the Justice dept who has tried to snuff everything and now Comey who once wanted this buried but is now trying to do the right thing? the only reason why he is doing this? his wife would not talk to him and told him he did the wrong thing and he had a stack a mile high of resignations on his desk. . he knew he effed up. I am not getting my hopes up since Podesta and Kadsik are best buddies

  • Jobu

    It is never too late to do the right thing by your family, God and Country.

  • joe eagle

    I know.. I want to be less Cynical..but it’s difficult when it comes to People in high places Facing Justice.

  • Bro daWg

    When the really bad emails and pics get released they HAVE TO arrest them.

    How can they let them walk free when the whole world will see what they’ve done?

    To not arrest them would cause a revolt….which might be what Obama wants.

  • Jari Mikkola

    Right now, that’s still hearsay. I’ll wait until whatever they’re planning, happens.

  • Bro daWg

    When the really bad stuff gets leaked they will HAVE TO arrest them.

    Julian Assange wasn’t lying when he said he has emails that will put her behind bars.

  • Caedus

    The sad thing is you people think this story is true, when it’s not. No agents have been called back, and if you think this dinky little site knows something that he rest of the world doesn’t, you’re an idiot.

  • WillielomanIII

    I wish, but I don’t believe it

  • Discust

    that’s the problem …he never said that

  • Helpful Canadian

    Just to clarify, it’s really yesterday’s story that you’re arguing with. If yesterday’s story was true, then today’s story follows logically.

    And key pieces of yesterday’s story have been confirmed by Wikileaks, by Rudy Giuliani, and other sources.

    Personally, I’m just going to sit here surfing the Internet and see what happens. The sun just came up in NY and DC. It’s the FBI’s favorite time to launch a raid, and I don’t have anything more important to do.

  • Michael Nardoni

    If Hillary wins, She’ll fire and replace everyone involved in this investigation and that will be the end of this criminal investigation. So if you did not vote yet, Get out on tuesday even if you have to crawl to your polling place and cast your vote for Trump.

  • berkleyphd

    Flounder: ” Oh Boy; this is going to be great!”

  • MemesOfTruth (irredeemable)

    Be careful. You are blanket indicting an entire community of hundreds of thousands of people based on a perception about some of them. Nothing is 100%, ever.

    The folks on /r/The_Donald have been connecting dots with sources and evidence. It is some real, investigative journalism going on over there. Unlike CNN and every other 3 letter shill media network. They are thinking outside the box and finding some really disturbing linkages.

    I am always skeptical of people who use absolutes like “every, all, never, ‘that entire community’…”

  • TexasRedNeck

    I vote for execution !

  • Noble Gunnz

    People thought Drudge was full of it early on……trust with verification is always the rule on the net. Or any dayum where else for that matter.

  • TexasRedNeck

    Try this one, if it doesn’t make you sick nothing will.
    These people are pure evil.

  • Helen

    If this really does involve children, they should be publically hung on the National Mall!

  • concerned 1

    Hope this is true, it really needs to be cleaned up for the sake of our country! The people deserve better!

  • shadetree56

    i second that

  • DownTheLine

    …and it’s not even Christmas yet! Keep your fingers crossed, everybody. Could there be a better pre-holiday season gift than to see that witch and all her minions do the perp walk? I’d like to see a few of the republicans get the same treatment.

  • shadetree56

    This would be on the scale of the boston tea party – if true.

  • Noble Gunnz

    One good source….one good story…..a star is born. It happens. Google Drudge.

  • darlin1951 .

    Arrest George Soros Arrest George Soros Arrest George Soros !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DavoHimself
  • TexasRedNeck

    The Judge Roy Bean rule of law needs to be followed with all of these criminals, “We’ll give them a fair and then hang’m”.

  • Shirley Hill Roberts

    davohimself Who in their right mind watches MSM any more, we all know they lie.

  • libsarescum

    And hang the sack of excrement.

  • TexasRedNeck

    Water board George Soros with Hillary’s catheter bag.

  • George Hale

    so chuck you want the crooks to stay where they are that’s whats wrong today no one confrontation are action

  • keith plumley

    God is just getting started. This evil will be purged from our nation. There is Divine intervention all over this whole situation. Trump 2016.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    I wonder why the author would post the last two stories in such great detail if he really didn’t have any intel??

  • James shawn caldwell

    True i hope its . for real and they lock all them up show america enough is enough

  • Deplorable anne
  • TexasRedNeck

    If Hillary is allowed to get away with stealing this election, we’ll know that God’s judgment on America has begun.

  • Chuck

    Innocent until proven guilty. All you have now is a bunch of anonymously sourced Internet rumors. If it’s true, of course I want to throw the book at them, but I hope it’s not true, especially the pedophilia rumors.

  • Steve

    Warrant to search for what? No doubt they have all been tipped off, and any remaining evidence is now gone!

  • Melissa Butts

    of course the crimes that the Clintons are being accused of are vile, but imagine for a moment if she was to pull off victory & became our next president and the truth eventually came out ? The truth ALWAYS comes to light. Yes the allegations are gross but I would rather know the truth today and see they are held to the same laws that you or I would be held to if we were getting away with these crimes FOR YEARS! Personally, I am totally sickened by this and asshamed as an American. If true that our former President Bill Clinton and Hillary are this grossly corrupt then all I can say is I am relieved that all of this was revealed BEFORE the election, and BEFORE Corrupt Hillary & Bill Clinton & thier terrorist buddy HUMA along with the Muslim Brotherhood were ever allowed to step foot in our White House.

  • acidulous

    Keep seeing words about sexual/child exploitation. At first thought it was some wild stuff untethered to anything real. But it has popped up in several places now. WTF?

  • TK421

    This story has a huge caveat – “if” they get warrants from the DOJ. Not gonna happen. So the story could be true and we’ll never know.

  • Sagelike
  • Adnnews1

    Yes. But if this is true, I think the FBI will raise you know what if the DOJ does not allow. And I could imagine Comey coming out and resigning publically and explaining why, and then impeachment hearings would commence immediately for Lynch

  • Sagelike

    Put your helmet back on and wipe that drool off your chin.

  • 223 L&L

    What makes me question the validity of this is that Obama’s DOJ has been stonewalling the FBI on this and I’m wondering how the FBI was able to obtain warrants as a result of DOJ actions.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Yes, I’ll believe this when I see it. I’ve been watching the Clintons get away with murder (literally and figuratively) for a couple of decades now.

  • Sagelike

    What we hope is that if it’s true, our domestic security forces are coming together to save our nation.

    Check out this video

  • #BristolFreakShow

    Public hanging pls

  • I am genuinely praying right now folks. You may not believe in God, may not believe in an interactive God that answers prayer, or maybe just don’t pray often.

    As Americans… TRUE Americans who believe we each have a right to believe fully and completely-or not to believe at all, each of us have relatives and/or ancestors who have fought, bled and died on battlefields so that ALL of us could have the right to follow our own conscience regarding religion or spirituality.

    As I said, TRUE AMERICANS believe in the right for the person sitting next to you to believe or not. It cannot be legislated away. No Federal Circuit Court has the right to force us to believe or not. The Seventh-Day Adventist bivocational pastor in Georgia… the guy ordered by the government to turn over his sermons and notes because he preached The Bible has defied the order. He didn’t preach to his coworkers. He wasn’t obnoxious about his faith. He just simply preached, on Saturday in his church, what the Bible says, and was fired from his government job because of it.

    His secular job was “District health director with Georgia’s Department of Public Health”. He did his job, and he did a GOOD job. He didn’t preach at work. But his Bible said homosexuality is a sin and that is what he preached from his pulpit. He did not discriminate against anyone in the LGBT community. He didn’t ridicule anyone on the job.

    Dr. Eric Walsh’s sermon topics include compassion for the poor, health, marriage, sexuality, world religions, science, and creationism. He previously served as director of the Public Health Department in Pasadena, California, for four years. He has a medical degree and a doctorate of public health and is a former member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.

    I share many of Dr. Walsh’ beliefs and I also disagree with some. But the present climate of Political Correctness and those who actively push for all things Progressive will not and can not accept that others believe differently. Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Middle Schools and even down thru kindergarten have interrupted the traditional concept of freedom of thought and freedom of conscience. They demand obedience to their way of thinking because they were taught and told to believe in a certain way.

    Our educational system equals that of Banana Republics, not because of the old School Boards and PTAs made up of farmers and mechanics and waitresses and dish washers. When Lyndon Johnson declared his War on Poverty he intended that the Federal Government would take charge of educating our children, and we’ve seen a steady decline since. No, I do not advocate mandatory prayer and Bible Study in public schools. I adamantly oppose it. Those things belong in churches and homes, not public schools. But to go overboard and to outright ban voluntary prayer and voluntary Bible Clubs after school started a very slippery slope, and for those who don’t know, slippery slopes ALWAYS GO DOWNHILL.

    When all things related to voluntary religious activities were banned, when the PTA ceased to function, when local regular working people were tossed off school boards and when moms were forbidden to take cupcakes to the kid’s class on his/her birthday we also started seeing discipline degrade. Classes had to have full time assistants to keep order. And because we might hurt someone’s fragile feelings a few unruly kids couldn’t be sent to the Principals office. The majority of kids who wanted to learn were disrupted by a few who didn’t. Today we have to have full time police people in school hallways to prevent mob violence and shootings.

    As students fail the old standardized tests the government school boards didn’t spend money for better books, better facilities, better tracker aids. No, they spent money to dumb down the entire process. While the good teachers struggled to teach properly administrators didn’t help them to get additional teacher training and education. They spent money to lower the cirruculum standards so the final exams could be passed. Kids who couldn’t read were advanced to the next grades instead of remedial classes, summerschools and genuine HELP.

    Parents weren’t wanted because they didn’t have the special government approved certificate. The LBJ emphasis on schools and education were transformed by the new layers of bureaucracy at The Department of Education so the government had even more control. Parents and local community leaders who rebelled against State sponsored stupidity were threatened. If they didn’t use the government’s programs they would lose funding. Black and Hispanic kids from crappy parts of town were Force bussed to “better” neighborhoods and schools, robbing them of free time increasing absenteeism. And because of coerced government mandates kids that didn’t attend regularly were marked present anyway so the schools got their money.

    Teacher unions demanded higher wages, and most teachers deserved better than the poverty wages they were making. But the lousy teachers got their tenure as well. Unions sought to make everyone equal, and so it was. And the quality level equaled out as bad teachers flourished and good teachers left the profession out of frustration.

    Conservative folks and progressive folks and even liberal folks got together and came up with the Charter School ideas and concepts. If you as a parent really wanted your kid to learn how to use a pen and paper instead of – Smith & Wesson – they would get them into a charter school. But the government wouldn’t have it, and these people and schools were closed as soon as they opened. Churches opened schools, students consistently outscored public school kids so government demanded they use “approved” materials.

    The revolution needs to begin.

  • Sagelike

    This video was just sent to me. It seems like the intelligence community is really ready to help save this country.

    Check out this video

  • Fred

    So in the end Billy bush was the only person with any good incriminating video. Unfortunately it was against Trump.

  • Faylee Bama

    ARREST THEM ALL, They are Corrupting our Country, they are selling our Country to the highest BIDDER..THIS STOPS NOW!

  • It’s Bill

    Colostomy bag!

  • Rocky

    Which one, sounds like they may be arresting several of them!

  • lunchboxmike

    Unless this actually takes place, no American will ever believe our government is not rigged and fraudulent….

  • Jeff Horne

    So, i read this last night and woke up to nothing. Fake BS. True pundit you let me down!

  • wowgivemeabreak

    Better hope this is true, otherwise your site will have lost all credibility and you’ll be no better than Killary.

  • Jeff Horne

    If this was true they would have done this by now….give me a break. I want Hilliary out but quit playing with out hearts like tbjs

  • GRGRY42


  • GRGRY42


  • GRGRY42

    Will we witness tanks around the WH? Barrels pointing in?

  • DeplorableWhoCrushesLibs

    If this is true…that’s exactly what Obama will do – push the Putch and arrest Comey and any FBI agents who back him. This will be like Hitler and Ernst Rohm….

  • GRGRY42

    “Sic Heil”, deja vue!

  • Helpful Canadian

    The previous story said that there were people from the House, at least one Democratic Senator, and various staff implicated. So presumably all those DC FBI agents will be gathering evidence from their homes and offices. That will take some organizing, even if they work all night preparing warrants and such. Also, keep in mind that the Clinton Foundation office is in New York. Presumably it won’t be DC FBI going there.

    It’s still too soon to say if this is real. Just gotta be patient.

  • Lanceman

    I think it is. There are far too many parasites in the country now. All by design. Phony job number, phony unemployment stats, you name it.

  • Voiceofreason1

    GOLD STAR COMMENT #1 WINNER!!!!! well stated – says everbody

  • Voiceofreason1

    I KNOW!!!!!

  • Voiceofreason1

    that’s a great idea!

  • Voiceofreason1


  • William

    They found videos of Hillary, politicians, royalty, Bill Clinton, etc with minors. Senators and congressmen as well. Epsteins Island was outfitted with video cameras, and Dershowitz was selling the videos to Israel!
    I hear Dershowtiz is gonna be arrested for espionage!

  • Voiceofreason1


  • Fedup

    Do you want TP to list the names of the NYPD officers? How do you think that’ll work out for them? Did the absence of a “real” source prevent Deep Throat from bringing down Nixon?

  • randomguy01

    According to the connections made thru the emails, damn near the entire government is compromised. Unless they planned for it, they might be capable of sweeping all of this ‘under the rug’.

  • Jule Spohn

    Clinton and her cronies are going down. Hopefully ALL of them will be in jail by the end of this weekend.

  • Pamela Schmidt

    Bill Clinton should be hung by his balls and left to rot .I would have no sympathy for him

  • Vyse Legendaire


  • William

  • Desertwhale

    This would be one of the best moments of our lives if this is true. Nothing I’d rather see more other than a Trump victory!

  • Stuart Leggat

    Got to hope their is truth here and it actually happens and soon!!

  • Noble Gunnz

    Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie…….shouldn’t you be toddling back to your safe space after this unpleasant exposure to reality?

  • Barry

    Oh, God, I pray this is true and the full truth comes out so that justice can be done. Amen.

  • William

  • His Eminence

    We all hope it’s not true. We all fear it is.

  • Noble Gunnz

    If they have moles, they already know. Raids that produce nothing are still raids. Do you really want to go to work this morning and announce that your house was raided by the FBI?

  • donedwards

    They’re all satanic worshipers. He’d love it! Google “Spirit Cooking” and Hillary communing with dead people (Eleanor Roosevelt among them), and much more.

  • Andre
  • donedwards

    As was conveyed in the article, it could take them 48 hours to lay out a synchronized plan. Be a bit more patient.

  • Pamela Smith

    I’m holding my breath. Really. *YAWN*

  • Noble Gunnz

    Would you fly around with pedophiles if you wanted to dispell, calm, or quiet rumors about being a pedophile? This ain’t court and you’re nobody’s lawyer.

  • Roger Wee

    Hope they could do it fast and arrest Hilary!


    Frustrated people say things.BUT THIER frustration comes from KNOWING the corruption is REAL and concern they will get away with it,AGAIN ❗️The meeting at the airport proved that❗️

  • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

    Because ANYTHING that brings these mofos DOWN works for me…..What are you? A Hillary voter?

  • Adam James Osborne

    How convenient… we’re also being warned of an Al Queda attack this coming week… hmmmmm…

  • Joe Yeti

    I just want JUSTICE to be served fairly and swiftly. If crimes have been committed than LOCK THEM UP!

  • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

    Yeah…fast trials and straight to the piano wire and meathooks. No mercy….NO DELAYS

  • Jeff

    Nothing like blasting out a warning – so they know to run

  • Pamela Smith

    Reading down the comments here, I can see that Trump has been the biggest crisis mankind has ever faced.

  • Jeff

    Actually on part of it we watched and heard it play out to know she is guilty.

    Maybe all of this other crap is why she wasn’t indicted when every other citizen would have been.

  • Gary Rogers

    Speaking of The Washington Post, did anyone else see this? They’re blaming Republicans and rogue FBI agents for manufacturing evidence against Hillary

  • Jeff

    More like “We wished it wasn’t true” But, we hope they have enough evidence to convict her.

  • WE HAVE BEEN CONNED INTO THINKING THERE TWO PARTIES. IT’S CALLED CONQUER AND DIVIDE AND IT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER 100 YEARS. If Reagan were alive he would be the only President supporting Trump. It will take millions of people to learn that we were all born into bondage to wake up to save America. The odds are overwhelming on the side of 300 million people vs. 600 One World Elites. You are invited to join this group of Trump supporters who understand going beyond seeing Donald Trump elected. We are enlightened patriots who want to make a difference when Trump is in office and we encourage all and help all Americans to educate themselves. YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO AND SHARE IT OVER AND OVER. GOVERNMENT OF WOLVES WILL HAVE A NATION OF SHEEP 6U

  • FlKeysFisherman



    dont buy it.

  • Gregg K

    If this is true I’ll buy pizza for everyone, ha , just kidding, I have Obamacare.

  • Wendy Cutcher

    I did research on that nasty spirit cooking. It’s a collection of what performance, writers and artist have eaten for inspiration or ritual. Gross

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Are you being serious? Ive heard about this before but is this really related.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Alot of people are corroborating this story in various aspects. I really don’t think its fiction. However it could be we are working with a lot of uncertainties here considering the high stakes.

  • Jimmy Jones

    In my case no, in the Criminal Witches case maybe the media would spin it that she has been raided and since they didn’t arrest her she is innocent of all things under the sun.

  • William
  • sgreen516

    Here’s how I read your post: “I am scared of what will happen if all of this is true.”

  • The British would have Parliament deny the will of he people…and squash these hideous lies about Hillary and Obama. LOL… for the sake of appearances. Like only a select few were convicted of paedophilia clubs and the repo rate scandal….well Bob Diamond was protected.
    Brexit judges ….who donates to their pension? Saudi?

  • DrTorch

    Any updates?

  • Congress.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    not publicly anyway

  • Sga Bawr

    American version of brazilian’s car wash by federal police

  • robert franklin stroud

    Hillary Clinton pedophile ring connected with foreign donations.

  • The #HillaryClinton’s Cartel #Cover Up

  • carmenta

    Water boarding is too good for the Toad/Human hybrid.

  • DownWithHillarySheDeservesJail

    No arrest. Bomb his house while he’s in it and take everyone inside out too.

    All evil.

  • Biz Duck

    The FBI never, ever, ever goes public with this stuff, they just show up

  • Deplorable_ChicagoDude

    Beside that you are one stupid @sshole paid troll, what is your problem ?

  • Chuck

    Very incisive. Did you think that up all by yourself?

  • DemocracyRules

    Wendy Cutcher
    Hillary also has Wiccan connections. Larry Nichols and other sources say that when she was in the White House, Hillary would disappear to LA every few weeks, staying for few days each time. Several sources say that Hillary participated in a witches’ coven there.

  • Avatar0596

    If this stuff is true, troll, it will be Pedophilary and gang hung by the balls.

  • Reagan Revolution 2

    Typical troll. Hide you head in the sand while the world passes you by.

  • Bill Goode

    George Soros is Hungarian. Does he live in the USA?

  • jafo2me

    Yes.. His residence is in NY…

  • Jadedknight

    OMG !!! SERIOUSLY…All of the crap surrounding the Clintons going back 30 or more years and you even doubt that it is not real?…..Give me a break.

  • Rebel Scum


  • jafo2me

    I have read forever.. long before they were in the White House that Hillary was always the more powerful
    of the 2 as she “IS” a “Grand Druid Witch.”

  • DemocracyRules

    It definitely involves children. Bill Clinton deferential visited Epstein’s pedophile prostitution ring 126 times.

  • Rebecca McDaniel

    America needs to pray that Obama won’t pardon them all if they are arrested. Maybe if he is arrested too, that would take away his power to do so. Now before I get fussed at, I say IF they are arrested and IF they are found guilty.

  • Rebel Scum

    Okay. Someone in DC put an eyeball on the Hoover building. That wasn’t hard now was it?

  • Larry H for Trump/Pence

    I agree with you Chuck, I hope it’s not true, for the sake of the children involved. This “orgy Island” needs to be raided and the children saved from these sick mother f***ers. Anyone involved with this needs to be held account by the rule of law. We are a nation of LAWS…nobody is above them, and that is what we need to show America, and the world.

  • This is great, but do they really want this news broadcast just yet? Would be better if it was a surprise so they can’t scramble to do more coverups… or worse, flee.

  • Bill Moss

    I hope the top includes O and Chewbaca

  • Mickey Wasp

    Fleeing shows guilt. Then they just freeze all their bank accounts – worldwide…

  • Agent Michael Scarn

    You’re on the list now, buddy. Prepare yourself for the wrath of the damned. Hail Satan!

  • Mickey Wasp

    When dozens of cab’s and/or FBI vehicles from out-of-state start showing up…
    And then the reporters that cover various offices, find out that FBI agents are gone…

  • patferguson

    Yuck, but yeah! What you said!

  • Mickey Wasp

    There’s five different parts of the FBI conducting investigations into these things, with constant downdrafts from the Obama Justice Department… and Mayor de Blasio won’t touch it… de Blasio wants to stay away from this.

  • Partysover

    Hang him for Treason!

  • rocketride

    After shoving his head in her colostomy bag.

  • Mickey Wasp

    Peeling back the skin… ~
    The 30,000 emails that Hillary turned over to the St Dept Inspector General and the FBI investigations are just the Epidermis of the first layer of corruption. Then add to that the total of 33,000 supposedly bleach washed emails, we get into the Dermis layer that exposes the cushions of protections that avert the stress of the possibility of exposure.
    The WikiLeaks has exposed the Papillary region of the connection between all the corruption in the Democratic Machine and its ‘players’.

    But, the 650,000 emails exposes the corruption of the whole globalist agenda and cast a wide net into dense concentration of the Reticular region where the roots of actions take place. With the White Hats of the FBI and it’s US Attorney offices moving forward with prosecution. We will arrive at the deepest regions of the Hypodermis of the corruption and be able to fully detach all the supplies of its life-blood and connected nerves.

  • jafo2me

    Websites just report what is being told to the net by “INSIDERS.”… Sometimes it is accurate and sometimes it is not.
    It doesn’t make what they report not possible or any less chance of being accurate.

    Sometimes it is so accurate it never goes any further because it is too sensitive to report like the evil sexual pedophilia at the highest levels of Governments around the entire world..
    The information has “ALWAYS” been out there, it has always existed but it must be kept under wraps because the truth would bring down the entire ruling class and it’s control of the NWO.

    To think… to believe the sexual actions of an Anthony Weiner is an aberration within our ruling class only demonstrates you have “NO”… ZERO understanding of the people who live in greed, power and materialism that rule at the highest levels of Government… but
    that is just MHO…

  • DemocracyRules

    Oh it does definitely involve children. The Anthony Weiner laptop contains flight schedules, ticket info, to Epstein’s pedophile properties in and around Palm Beach, Florida. The child abductor, Laura Silsby, is very close to Hillary, and the 33 kids she kidnapped from Haiti were not far from Epstein’s private ‘orgy island’.

  • rocketride

    Well into the fascia (note that word-root– ‘fascist’ also derives from it).

  • Rey

    I pray to God that this is true. It will be 1776 all over again. Clean house. While we’re at it go after all crooked career criminals in DC including McCain, Pelosi, Reid, and others.

  • WhiteWall

    Hope it is real

  • The Deplorable Larry Sacamento

    VERY Sick Shiite. I about puked when I read what it is.

  • rocketride

    Because if it were true it would so arouse passions that the NWO would be extirpated in a way that no mere financial scandal would make possible or necessitate.

  • rocketride

    Exactly. How many of those kids do you reckon survive to adulthood? Of those, how many aren’t profoundly f—ed up by what they’ve been through?

  • Tina Trupp

    And yet there are still people believing she is presidential material. I pray this snags Omuslim and white house fools also.

  • clingermac


  • Rey

    There’s an easy way around that. They can wait until Obama is out of office then arrest Hillary Clinton. But air the dirty laundry now to keep her from being elected.

  • Tina Trupp

    CBS news is saying an Al Queda led terrorist attack is expected Monday in three states…..amazing the lengths Omuslim will go to to disrupt the election….

  • rocketride

    I think if were shown that he was involved, any pardons would simply be ignored. Which may trigger a constitutional crisis.

  • jafo2me

    Karma my friend….
    “IF” a person thinks he can escape it they will eventually meet that proverbial brick wall they were worried about.

    What goes around comes around…. It is “ALL” by personal choice.. so as they say…
    “Leave God out of this as he has nothing to do with any of it.”

  • Prophecy says the visible church shall fall into apostasy in the “Last Days.”

    We’re there now: Trump is Harbinger of the Apocalypse being used by God.

    The Anti-Christ, revealed, and of which we were warned in 1810 by America’s, the prophesied “New Israel’s” founder and prophet, whose Khazar (((cult impalers))) of Gog and Magog crucified God Incarnate and helped what is now called “Bilderberg” run “the Wall Street of slavery” at Rome and into its colonies for over 2,000 years, has sent its Meriwether Lewis- and Lincoln-assassinating, proxy army of “Civil War” conquest, Beast Fifth Column to America all know killed JFK and did 9/11, now running a brain-damaged lesbian pedophile psychopath liar murderess thief and traitor against Trump for the office of the presidency.

    Any church leader failing to understand this fact of history and prophecy, and failing to alert his or her followers to this satanic, existential threat to Our Holy Nation, is not a servant of God, but of Satan and Mammon, and likely, like the Clintons, a satanically possessed pedophile homosexual.

  • TrumpTEA ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    This is not “for real” … We have been let down by these guys for so long that we are fools to believe that either the FBI or the NYPD will release or leak anything (if there even is anything to release) much less actually go and make an arrest.

    Call me a skeptic, but we have been hearing for nearly a year about this stuff and nothing!

  • Steve Jackson

    Seeing more believing than emails

  • Rebel Scum

    That’s ‘if’.

  • Mick60

    And the rest of his family (being groomed to succeed him).

  • DemocracyRules

    Good point. There is far more than a bunch of anonymous rumors. The Wikileaks emails have been verified by comparing ‘checksum’ type data to and from servers. Checksums verify that the email came from a certain computer, traveled to another computer, and when it arrived on the computer, the message was completely intact, with no alterations. Matching checksums from sender and receiver are proof that the email is genuine.

    If a crime is committed, the appropriate government department investigates. If the Feds don’t do it, the states can do it. If the Fed courts don’t do it, the state courts can do it.

    If no government or judiciary do anything about the the crime, the responsibility goes “…to the people.” ~ 10th amendment. Citizen groups are entitled to form Grand Juries, as needed.

  • NMInfidel

    Sales of Shredders, Hammers, Cloths & BleachBit have skyrocketed.

  • DemocracyRules

    You need to read more. Huma and Hillary placed State Department secrets into the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

    There is an enormous amount of incriminating evidence against Hillary and her minions. 250,000 State Department emails on an unsecured laptop, owned by a man who has no security clearance, and no connection with the government. This is the public domain.

  • cocoon

    One can only hope this is true and we will have the facts before Hillary is nominated.
    Otherwise, the Obama desire for chaos and Constitutional Crisis may just be at hand.

  • staff office

    Why do I have an erection?

  • NEVER_Hillary

    I thought that the Marshals issue Federal warrants

  • hiho hiho off to jail she goes
  • DemocracyRules

    Tina Trupp:
    That could be news management. CBS trying to deflect attention from Hillary’s crimes.

  • Mick60

    They’d better start monitoring all flights out of the country.

  • NEVER_Hillary

    Hillary’s drool bucket

  • jafo2me

    “IF” you had any doubt… “THIS “IS” A CONSTITUTIONAL CRSIS. with the Obama Administration and his DOJ “CRIMINALLY”
    Obstructing Justice …… IT “IS HERE.”.

    David Hageman and Steve Pieczenik
    have friends within the FBI, within the NYPD Intelligence and within the Government Intelligence Agencies itself.
    These are the people who have spent a lifetime working in and around Government you listen to.
    They say:

    Comey has a “STACK” of resignations sitting on his desk of FBI Agents who “WILL NOT” stand for him to pull the same BS he pulled in July.
    Rumors of a revolt within the FBI have been around for weeks. Would you also like to discount them??

    They also say:
    A group of US Patriots within the investigation of the Clinton Foundation and the Anthony Weiner Huma Abbadin sexual scandal…
    from the FBI, the NYPD and the “NUMEROUS” Government Intelligence Networks has joined together to tell “ALL” layers within the Government including the DOJ… they are standing together and will not let this go on any longer.

    “IF” you think this Republic does not have strong Patriots within all layers of our Government who would stand up to this
    corruption you maybe gravely mistaken. .Their only savior would be an Obama pardon “BUT” that would change nothing as none of this is about to disappear. The pardons would only destroy Obama, his family and his “LEGACY” which does not exist

    All the money of his sitting in a Jesuit Bank Account would become worthless and it still might become so as he is implicated in all of this.
    Obama has “NUMEROUS” acts of illegally communicating on an unsecured server with Hillary using a Pseudonym to hide his activity because he knew it was illegal.

    Any one count could put you in prison for a very long time. If you are the President and you knowingly do it they have a name for that..
    It’s called Treason.. It “IS NOT” called I heard about this in the news…

  • Rey

    Sorry. Your post is a bit to metaphorical for me to fully understand.

  • cpat2020

    If this isn’t true, it’ll be the end of True Pundit.

  • BusterCherry

    You can see so many areas of corruption its absolutely pitiful. One that should make people extremely scared is the sale of 20% of the United States Uranium and gigantic profits were funneled to The Clinton Foundation. THIS IS NOT POLITICAL PROPAGANDA because this article was written by the very Democratic News Paper New York Times. Why are the Clinton’s selling out our US resources and making huge profits for their foundation? Seriously ask yourselves why? I’m a Libertarian (Not Republican) and I’m all about our Freedom and the well being of this country! We do not need tyranny here in the US. Leave that to North Korea and China.

  • jafo2me

    Stop already…
    If you want to talk about the end to something talk about the end to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSLSD and FOX..
    I’ll give you a hint…. “IT’s CALLED RICO and it’s the law…

  • Dontbrude #DEPLORABLE


  • Eric Blust
  • jafo2me

    Just having some fun… Too bad you don’t get the joke..

  • rocketride

    Don’t forget the shovels, pickaxes, and quicklime.

    BTW, BleachBit is either freeware or donationware.

  • Noble Gunnz

    Uh, yeah…..Trumpanzees…..there ya go! I guess we all go put in places with that bit of repartee. Off to your safe space, cupcake. You never responded to the question about hanging around with pedophiles… know…that whole guilt by association thing that we’re free to discuss, despite your whining.

  • cpat2020

    This is too huge of a story to publish & then it all turn out to be BS.

  • WaitingForTheStorm

    He would probably experience nirvana.

  • cheryl hawkins


  • YesMeansNOMeansYES


  • Zenas Legisperitus

    How do we know he isn’t calling them all together just to grill them over where the leaks are coming from?

  • Dorothy McVaney

    Hey Jeb – You only received 3 votes at the Republican National Convention this year.

  • Lyn Portello


  • cheryl hawkins



  • zapman24

    c’mon drudge… pick this freakin story up

  • Tx Tina

    I think he brought them in to lecture about morale and leaks. The only warrants and grand jury has to be approved by Lynch/Justice and that is not gong to happen. Corruption is looming…but wishful thinking about real justice.

  • Takiwa

    ‘BusterCherry’ ? Seriously? This is also your FIRST post?

  • Mark
  • Kerry Hart

    Lock her up already just do it

  • JoAnne Chisholm

    Jesus Christ is Lord! It is the Lord God cleansing America of this evil and wicked government! Everything is being shaken and uncovered! This is just the beginning of the restoration of America! Satan was defeated by Jesus Christ on the Cross! It is finished! Jesus Christ made a public spectacle of the kingdom of darkness! Theu are powerless against Jesus Christ and His Church! Psalm 2!

  • JoAnne Chisholm


  • Takiwa


  • Marti Krawczyk

    Remember when Clinton morons said Republicans wanted to nominate Bernie Sanders because he would be easier to attack? How is that working out?

  • sheldean

    Unfortunately there’s another SCARY scenario related to the current election…(and just think about it for a minute…all within the realm of possibility)…

    Even if she takes the election as expected and planned, BHO’s plan was always for Hillary to win, despite her illegal and unethical practices…
    If she wins, but then gets indicted for her many illegal activities (and most are felonies), then she is ineligible to be POTUS…

    The DOJ suspends the election results if Hillary is indicted after she wins the election but not sworn in as the incoming POTUS…
    Barry is still the Pres. until the new President is sworn in, and makes an executive declaration of a “State of National Emergency”…

    He could impose martial law, which would give Obummer his third term, just like he planned, ( even though the 22nd Amendment prevents ELECTION to more than 2 4-year terms)…

    Before departing office, good ol’ Barry will use his infamous “Pardon Pen” and clear her of all criminal activities., making her eligible for another run in 2020.

    There is no limit to the current administration’s corruption and anti-American agenda since day one!

  • De Plorabus Unum

    Go to Twitter and research hash tag ~> #SpiritCooking
    You won’t believe your eyes! It’s horrible.

  • TexasRedNeck

    Real good video thanks. going to pass this around.

  • CalebBrewster

    People! Listen to what he’s saying and give him the benefit of the doubt. He said “may justice prevail”

    Why would you hope for this as it’s describing here? nature abhors a vacuum. …and IF this is true (it mentions this starting on Wed, and is too big to not be news everywhere by now – so it’s bull) just think of what it means…

    Lady liberty demands justice. And she shall have it but, we Muricans are NOT immune from the things that happen to the people the world over TODAY and throughout history. America is VERY divided and it’s very weak right now. Who disagrees? This, again as it’s described, could go down BADLY. A lot of bad could come from it if it does….

    If we’re true to the US const, and remember we’re all Americans, we’ll be ok. Let us not go quickly to anger and vengeance. Let us fix reason firmly in her seat.

    May justice prevail.

  • De Plorabus Unum

    Read this Podesta email —>
    Then search for Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking on YouTube

  • Wiccan? LOL She’s on the occult ladder WAY higher that Wiccan! Wiccan magic is for babies in the metaphysical realm. Hillary is into some truly horrendously machiavellian crap, not some teeny-valley-girl pseudo-magic wiccan stuff.

  • There’s NOTHING overactive or IMAGINATIVE about ritualistic Satanic child sacrifice. Crack a book once in a while. Just because you cram your nose with TV shows doesn’t make the true, evil and vile world go away.

  • Doctor Who?

    Aleister Crowley weird.

  • Doctor Who?
  • rocketride

    Assuming that the military don’t suddenly remember the oaths they swore on being inducted and/or commissioned and roll the tanks into Washington DeCeit.

  • Milly Vanilly

    Justice would TRULY be served.

  • akulkis

    Save America — KILL the treasonous George Soros.

  • Joe Miester

    Don’t be messing with us, True Pundit!! Any additional info from your tipster?

  • The_Fixer

    Don’t smear Wiccans that way. I know Wiccans, and they are nice people, they respect the earth and the people on it, and are generally benign – and even positive – people.

    There has never been any connection proven between Wiccans and Hillary. Their philosophy is 100% counter to Hillary’s cash-and-power grab philosophy. Hillary does, however, have a connection to an extremist religious group, “The Family.”

    I might remind you that a Reddit thread is not anywhere near an impeachable source. To cite one without additional documentation is foolish; never trust a single source in a world filled with people who have their own agenda.

  • AlphaLady777

    Talk is cheap — and the coward’s way. Talk, talk, talk, blow hot air, etc. Where is the real action????

  • Dina Ferrante Smyth

    I’m waiting with bated breath. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep through the night tonight if this really happens.

  • Patricia D. VanMeter

    Put them all in Gitmo!

  • zendoggie

    What’s “bated” breath? Is that how you breath when you are ‘bating?

  • JR Hannafin

    Has anyone come up with independent confirmation of any of this?

  • zendoggie

    What do you think?

  • 10th Amendment Guy

    Part of me doesn’t want the stuff I’m reading to be real, it is just evil. Many want the blue pill option back, but the truth needs to come out.

  • Ramsay

    “Real Action” is indeed required this election = VOTE!
    It’s already too late for this stuff..!?

    If Hillary wins on Tuesday = the investigations WILL be STOPPED..!
    *NO indictments from the DOJ/FBI are even possible while she is serving as president..!
    *(Presidents are immune from federal prosecution while in office)

    **Once she is elected = Elections are considered “sacred”
    **Presidents cannot be impeached for offenses committed before they took office.

    **That’s one legal “precedent” = and that’s the one the media will start preaching effective November 9th..! (if Hillary wins)…
    Vote = Do it today/tomorrow = don’t wait: = Do it

  • Philbert McNutt

    Noon:30 where I am at. Nada.

    Guess TruePandip is rather extensively loaded with the de rigueur cow splat.

  • Dianna9490


  • Elric of Melnibone

    English is obviously not your thing.

  • Karen Bracken

    Man I pray they walk up on a campaign stage and handcuff Hillary Clinton.

  • AlphaLady777

    Ramsay, Yes I DID vote — or attempted to until my 1st Absentee ballot was stolen in the mailing process. See, the ballot is sent in a large, bright green, envelope with “OFFICIAL BALLOT MATERIAL ENCLOSED” printed in large bold letters. So easy to spot and steal!! My 2nd absentee ballot was just returned in a large, bright yellow, envelope with the words “OFFICIAL BALLOT MATERIAL ENCLOSED” stamped on the outside of the envelope. So easy to steal!! Trump is right – there IS indeed voting tampering going on. CNN reported three days ago that up to 40% of voters will be voting via absentee ballot. Steal the election through a privatized postal service….

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Be ready to pray for a very loooong time.

  • Georgia Wade

    As a Christian my hope that all the dirty linen is going to be uncovered for the world to see. Clinton’s injury to America if she wins, will reduce us to a third world country. Opening the borders and US Border Patrol to stand down, will be the death knell to lower income Americans. Amnesty will bring to this country worst criminals, already killing Americans in Sanctuary cities? With the Liberal nationwide press, possessing the reality but not passing on real facts and only releasing half truths or just staying silent, communication is left word of mouth. From my Twitter account of 5000 Trump voters they are aware of huge amounts of “Voter Fraud” in mostly swing states. From what I have heard from many sources, that if Clinton wins they will likely have to call out the National Guard? There will be a Constitutional Crisis, civil unrest and huge marches…real American will not go quietly to economic collapse under another dictatorship?

  • scot

    Read this email and wake up, Who thinks that 11, 9 and a 6 year olds are entertainment for an adult party?

    “Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.”

  • Rayvyn007

    Total horse dung! There has been no such order.

  • scot

    Wake up Cuck I mean Chuck.

    “Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.”

  • Ramsay

    How did you find out that your first ballot was stolen..?

  • Wiccans are weak & powerless…only the Brotherhood will be left standing….

  • mike melli

    I thought Col. Charlie Beckwith formed Delta Force. Good video, though.

  • Joe

    Is anyone else corroborating this?

  • Thor2923

    GO GET ‘EM!!!!

  • zendoggie

    Thank you, Mr. Literal!

  • Itmatters59


  • Joe

    You don’t think it could still happen?

  • dennmeyer


  • Liberty Crying

    Don’t believe it. Why would this become public knowledge before it happens? Wouldn’t that allow for them to further destroy evidence or try to flee the country? I would think the FBI would keep this top secret for now. However, I hope it’s true!!!!

  • WTF? Who’s the champion of defending all those underage non American girls? Bills wife? Didn’t she start her career attacking the character of a 12 year old Kathy Shelton after being raped into a coma by a 41 year old man???

    “Documents and emails released late Thursday by Wikileaks substantiated certain allegations of child exploitation linked to the Clinton Foundation; with Hillary as secretary of state and President Bill Clinton acting as a United Nation’s special envoy to Haiti after its devastating 2010 earthquake.”

  • Coin Gracie
  • Ginger McFirebeard

    If this is true, they are way passed the point of trying to hide it.

  • AlphaLady777

    I NEVER received my 1st ballot and contacted the Pima County Recorder’s Office in Arizona. After checking and determined the ballot stolen/missing, they over-nighted my 2nd ballot through FexEx (which took 4 days to receive.)

  • Ethel Weiss

    I love it from an NJ redneck!

  • Joe

    Are you sure it was them? That would give credibility

  • I do think it will happen but not before Trump is elected Pres.

  • You’re crazy.

  • Mr. Karellan

    You really should take your medication. Your post history is like a drive through Crazytown. Wow! Bizarro! Sad!

  • gethoht


  • Mr. Karellan

    You expect too much. Some of these folks are completely divorced from reality. If Hillary wins they’ll spend the next four years like this. How sad is that? You’ll move on with your life. I’ll move on with mine, but some of these folks are gonna need new coats with many buckles.

  • Baby Blue Eyes

    It is abundantly clear that Loretta Lynch is a CRIMINAL and is colluding /
    aiding and abetting the Demon Killary. So, how do you take down or circumvent
    a thoroughly corrupt USAG?

  • RavenLooneyToon

    If Trump wins, Obama and the DOJ may call the election invalid.
    I have seen NPR and others setting it up for the last few months.

  • Ramsay

    makes me wonder what happens to the 1st ballot if the thief returns it too?
    will it be detected…the correct ballot voided…official totals adjusted..?
    (and how long does that take?) …and there are multitudes of other “election-steeling” methods readily available as well..!
    It’s still “unclear” to me = what ever happened to all the voter fraud/suppression cases from the primaries..? And Since then…even more widespread and sinister evidence and incidents have emerged..!

  • Thomas Gardinier


  • Lobo

    I scanned the other stories and it looks like a pretty legitimate news site- we shall see

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Calm down people just because it didnt happen today doesnt mean IT WONT HAPPEN

  • Vyse Legendaire

    5th of November is highly symbolic:

    Just to add more tinder to the flame for tomorrow’s ‘revolution’, a pretty good production send this to all based pedes. Grab you Guy Fawkes masks for midnight. Wikileaks Revolution – 5th of november [US Election 2016] –

  • wherestheproof

    “BuzzFeed News” — hahahaha.

  • Connie Fuller Wright

    Good story on BREITBART running now. Much information concerning the crimes being found are the same as being reported here. Get the word out. Please. Loretta Lynch has to be arrested.

  • Joseph Slabaugh

    No, use the sewage from all Americans.

  • Rita

    Is there a like button on this post? I’m so sick of this mess

  • Probably going to have an all-hands assembly and call out FBI agents who have crossed the party line, take them out back, and have them shot. It worked for Saddam.

  • Tim Paul

    Christ owns Satan and uses the Deceiver for His Divine purposes until that Day when he is cast into the Lake of Fire.

  • EmilyEnso

    Story was that Barbara Bush is his daughter.

  • BiggestTrumpSupporter

    Way worse.

    Watch documentary/video reveals here:

  • Svarun

    Putin loving Steven Seagal being a default avatar apparently is a subtle hint that a vast majority of Trump supporters can’t get.

  • moochee22
  • johncooperiii

    LOL award of the day.



  • TexasRedNeck
  • ladyelf

    Totally agree. Wiccans are not satan worshipers. Do not smear Wicca in that way. Huge difference between those that worship satan and Wicca.

  • Chattanooga

    I think you mean “unimpeachable” source?

  • Leland Whitehouse

    After this public notice , I can see several people in Washington D.C. leaving the Country ASAP.

  • Helpful Canadian

    The original story about the NYPD findings has just been confirmed by Erik Prince (founder of Blackwater) on Breitbart. He says his contacts are telling him the Department of Justice is exerting “huge pushback” against NYPD and FBI, trying to prevent further action. That might explain why there were no immediate raids today.

    Steve Pieczenik, also a highly placed former intel person, has made a video that confirms the basic story and calls the NYPD/FBI effort a “countercoup” against the Clinton-controlled DOJ.

    So we have three different reports, all admittedly citing unnamed sources, but saying essentially the same thing. Plus we had the former assistant FBI director James Kallstrom saying on Fox this morning that very bad, “salacious” things were found on Weiner/Abadin’s laptop. Plus the recent Wikileaks dump showing Hillary Clinton had very close ties to human traffickers Laura Silsby going back to 2001. Just Google the names.

    Next it should show up on Drudge Report. Then Fox will start talking about it, and only then will the Clinton-friendly MSM take notice. These things take time, but four days are an eternity in politics.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Can you prove this website is Macedonian?

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Yea my thoughts exactly. People went out and said this story was BS but frankly it was already corroborated from several other credible sources. I don’t blame anyone for assuming a raid is about to take place even if they aren’t 100% sure cuz frankly it NEEDS to happen within 3 days.

  • Helpful Canadian

    Welcome to America’s version of the Velvet Revolution!

  • Ruthie Monas Twinzee

    Absolutely TexasRedneck! But I suggest they use the tubing from her catheter bad as well as the nozzle from her douche bag.

  • Svarun

    No. Do you know anything about this site? Why there’s

    1. No “about us” link to show who/what they really are.
    2. No “Contact us” link to find out for yourself who they are.
    3. No names EVER given of anybody associated with the site.

  • Helpful Canadian

    The Daily Caller now has a story up (mirrored at InfoWars) naming the DOJ officials who are blocking the FBI. Joe DeGenova, a lawyer in DC, is saying that “rogue” FBI agents are defying the DOJ and that these officials will “regret” trying to keep the story from getting out.

  • Robert Tracy

    Enough with the banter from the Feds, let’s see some arrests. This is how “we the people” have got played for so long, just lot’s of talk. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Randy Rogers

    Cut the head off of the snake

  • Randy Rogers

    Nancy Reagan is dead. Hillary is an fourth degree witch.

  • Humble Truth

    they are hoping Hillary gets elected….then she will step down to appease the masses….in steps Tim Kaine….Harvard law graduate…he and his wife…both Jesuits….he pardons Hillary…..and keeps the Jesuit order going…..just throwing that scenario out there.

  • eye4i

    Or Obama is gonna get rid of them

  • Vyse Legendaire

    This story right ?

    Links and documentation are important now

  • donedwards
  • Baby Blue Eyes

    Former assistant FBI director James Kallstrom on possibility of a president under investigation.
    Says “salacious” / “horrendous” information found on Weiner laptop, & other devices, etc..

  • weeblewobbled

    Had my doubts about this one but it’s beginning to come from too many sources. It’s true. The NYPD wants to act. The DOJ is impeding as they fight with the FBI that is in itself at odds within it’s ranks. They have no idea how to handle it. They can’t let Hillary run and they are at odds on how and when to release the information that finishes her.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Trust but verify

  • Helpful Canadian


    I see that Twitter has been freaking out about one sort-of-related aspect of this story: They found a link in Wikileaks between Tony Podesta and a creepy performance artist named Marina Abramovic who does weird blood rituals called Spirit Cooking. John Podesta didn’t actually go to the “dinner,” or whatever they it was, mentioned in the email. Only his lobbyist brother did. The Washington Post jumped on the opportunity to debunk this one:

    On the other hand, Marina Abramovic does wear an upside-down cross and has “666” in one of her user names. So if you want to get wound up about that, I guess you can. Lots of distractions out there right now.

  • chkur6

    My guess is that this is solely about capping the leaks. Maybe poly everyone and find out who is leaking.

  • Cheryl Adkins

    Maybe they are arresting themselves from the top down since they are playing fast and loose with the rules. But I suspect none of what is in this article was true.

  • Cheryl Adkins

    Well if Satan worshipping is involved try a Trump rally where all the KKK and the neo nazis are. They are evil as they come. Radical White Nationalist Terrorists. Why is it no onbe not even Trump will say the words? Radical White Nationalist Terrorists. Wonder where they get radicalized at?

  • Why do you pray HIllary’s a crook? What will you do if it turns out FOX NEWS was sloppy and your favorite websites lie to you a lot?

    Will you keep reading them, or be smarter, and add a few sites that ARENT liberal haters? The trouble with reading only one sided opinion rags is that you get only half the story. Often the WRONG half. And you VOTE based on what they tell you What if it turns out TRUMP is the crook?.

  • michaelC58

    OK OK, just keep your hat on.
    She’s a sociopath, but lets not bring in witchcraft.

  • stephen


  • Perry Bailey

    LOL, or her douche bag. 🙂

  • stephen

    Maybe Hillary”s last name should be….BUSH.

  • Helpful Canadian

    The phony denials have now begun, at least on a small scale.

    Romper, “a parenting site by millenial women for millenial women,” has posted a story debunking the “prep for raids” talk on social media.

    However, even though the article mentions this story, it focuses entirely on the Clinton Foundation investigation as it stood BEFORE the discovery of the Weiner laptop. There is no mention of the NYPD, or DOJ pressure, or any of the facts that have come out since Comey sent his new letter to Congress.

    It’s a trick that Snopes uses quite often, when it wants to go on record against a trending story but doesn’t want to acknowledge all the facts that are in play. They link to a bad, third-hand, or just plain out of date version. Later they can say, if anyone calls them on it, that they simply didn’t see the high-quality source material. But in this case it’s especially hopeless as a tactic, since all the links to the NYPD and so on are RIGHT HERE.

    It is going to be a long day …

  • ahuxley

    But where will the maggots go to live…?

  • ahuxley

    If this is true you can bet that every one of the guilty scumbags have been tipped off in order to give them enough time to destroy or hide as much evidence as possible. We are in a state of rapid moral, societal and institutional collapse.
    I will be very surprised if these elites are brought to justice.
    The law applies only to the rest of us…

  • Mark

    You are either a trouble maker or a complete idiot.

  • Mark

    Armageddon. Guess who wins!

  • Teri Kirkendoll

    Fox news poll just came out showing HC up 2 points. They need to have a higher sense of urgency about getting this info out!!

  • Mark

    Why would you do that to the ocean or the sharks?

  • Teri Kirkendoll

    It occurs to me that if HC is elected, Loretta Lynch definitely stays as AG. Can she indefinitely while she is AG, block this information from coming out during a Hillary term in office??? That would be unbelievable.

  • Gary Frost

    I’m waiting to find it this is true too-sounds too good to be so! Anyone who donated to Clinton Foundation would have standing to file Civil RICO(Racketeering) complaints against Clintons et all. Cold have all assets frozen even if elected would have to deal with the civil issue which presidency would not protect her from. Only criminal she is protected and have to be dealt with by impeachment!

  • Maria Padilla


  • More like Reptilian Draco Demonic worshippers everyone should read what David Icke has to say about these slimy reptiles!

  • Hanging is too good for them!

  • Dogman Potts

    Now you’re cooking with grease !

  • Art Bralick

    They are not mutually exclusive…

  • Judith Ann


  • Lee Massey

    Arrest George Soros and extradite him to Moscow.

  • Getting nervous mark? The drums of the Brotherhood a beating faster, can you hear them? Tic toc tic toc

  • Doctor Who?

    That explains George W. Bush.

    There is a new Wikileaks email tying Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta to Satan worship.
    Podesta and his brother and wife associate with this Cult Priestess named Marina Abramovic and engage in Spirit Cooking with all kinds of strange bodily fluids.
    It sounds like something from a very bad Voo Doo movie.
    The videos are disgusting but if you want you can Google “John Podesta Spirit Cooking” and see them.

  • William

    NY Times notes no evidence of connection between Russia and Trump

  • Teri Kirkendoll

    True Pundit your credibility is on the line and as much as I want this to be true, I think you have created a story that for the most part is wishful thinking and not true. I have lost faith in humanity, honesty and doing the right thing. I feel very let down by what you promised and could not deliver.

  • evanton

    My thought exactly. As I read it I thought, why would they make that statement in regard to such a big bust?

  • GyMack

    I would believe this more if it implicates Omo and all the Dems in Congress and the Senate along with all RINOs led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

  • Up Huff

    I’d rather see him get what the Clinton’s give to all those who were about to blow the whistle on them.

  • Kelly Cowan


  • Anna Belle Timberlake

    Not that this is in anyway true, but so what if she did? This is a country built on the principles of freedom of religion and your remark is shows you as being willfully ignorant of what that truly means and a religious bigot. Shame on you ma’am.

  • Roxiecolorado

    me too

  • rumennek

    where is a Booth when a country really really needs one.

  • Tom Tom

    you know its true, snopes.

  • Mike

    Revealed: Clinton’s Link To Convicted Child Stealer And S*x Trafficker

  • Girlyman

    This sounds like the hottest news of the day. Why isn’t it on Breibart or Drudge?
    If this thing is for keeps it should catapult above DrudgeReport. We’ll see.

  • Debra Wilson

    Ya think, I think not. American men are real men.

  • I am the formless disorder shaping the order….do you have ‘a knowing’?

  • Yu So Wong

    That would be heaven.

  • BS

  • usaok59

    They probably already do that at the Spirit Cooking.

  • usaok59

    Your attempt at being tolerant leaves you open to the forces of evil. Beware of Satan, in whatever form he takes. Peace.

  • teriquajones

    Anyone in government who knew about Hillary’s corruption but did not report her through the proper channels should be arrested. Dear Lord, we could have ended up with her running our country!

  • Hoshi Reikan

    “Based on FBI protocol, Friday raids are unorthodox in cases not involving kidnappings or investigations where human lives are at risk.” That comment alone negates this entire post.

  • teriquajones

    I have no doubt she sold her soul a long time ago.

  • William

    Are you too lazy to do your own research?
    Seriously dude.

  • nochit


  • nochit

    Obama’s mother- in- law practiced Santeria in the WH third floor residence

  • Irving Olsen
  • GingerzCorrecttheRecord

    Good lord you’re stupid.

  • jagragg

    What is going to happen if several HUNDRED people are arrested (including Bill & Hillary) on Monday? James Comey could decide the election all on his own. In which case Trump would have the man he would want to prosecute “the swamp.”

  • sanduchi

    Hysterical and disgusting both at the same time lol.

  • openvisions

    How 75 pending lawsuits could distract a Donald Trump

    Two weeks before Election Day, dozens of the 4,000-plus
    lawsuits involving Trump and his businesses remain open. wow

  • onlyforbrian

    I’d love to see them drag Hillary off the stage at one of her rallies in cuffs

  • TexasRedNeck

    Probably the least offensive thing they do there.

  • grannycarla

    No on her way up the stair to be inaugurated would be better

  • Scott

    Given Friday has come and gone I call BS. True Pundit just pissed away whatever credibility they may have had.

  • Sharrukin

    From the article.

    “Preparation for wide-scale raids can take 48 hours or more, depending on how many targets are in play.”


  • Bob332

    PLEASE Lord expose the DIABOLICAL EVIL people to the American people. I ask this in your name. Amen.

  • Lady ThreeFiftyFive

    I pray that George Soros gets swept up in all of this too, he is the devil incarnate and he must go down with the ship!

  • Lady ThreeFiftyFive

    true…wiccans and satanists are opposite ends of the metaphysical spectrum. wiccans do no harm. satanists only do harm.

  • Lady ThreeFiftyFive

    I am beginning to believe David Icke’s claim that Hillary is a reptilian cloaked in human skin. this is like a horror show.

  • Casper Ghost

    The others remind you of your oath. You are speaking out of order. Remember your place, Justin.

  • raven smith

    Worshiping Moloch is VERY different from worshiping Satan. Specifically because there isn’t actually a formalized ritual or process for the worship of Satan.

  • EmilyEnso
    i’ll pass on the pudding.

  • SteveF

    Duhhh, if this was real it would not been released, like to warn off your suspects muchh???

  • Jenny Russell

    ewwww lol

  • Allan Near

    Too much infrastructure in place. Obama has to protect Hillary to protect himself, Loretta Lynch, she is dirty but I don’t know how bad. James Comey, perhaps he has a conscious after all. This is a do or die for Clinton, Obama and Lynch, all the eggs in the same basket. Huma Abedin’s mistrust of her boss for the last 20 years is a real game changer. Poetic she labeled the file “Life Insurance”, then her pervert estranged husband gets under federal investigation, his computer seized in a warrant sweep and 650,000 emails from Clinton on it. It’s grown so big along with our intelligence agencies supplying Julian Assange and WikiLeaks thousands of emails, there is no stopping the snowball effect. The Clintons have already been transferring the money out of the Clinton Foundation to Qatar so they see the writing on the wall. Even is she can win the election there is no stopping the mass of the snowball that will consume everyone and everything in it’s path.

  • Sharrukin

    You think the Clinton’s aren’t going to know about a police/FBI Raid ahead of time?

  • Jock40

    Are the FBI special agents ordered to report to work immediately still standing by? Update please..

  • Jock40

    Who are the Brotherhood, different witches?

  • Jock40

    A reptilian? They don’t exist

  • Nancy Rice

    Me, too. God has the say….. when Christians bombard HEAVEN HE MOVES!!! N.

  • brodave

    Thank you for the clarification. I still have hope.

  • EmilyEnso
  • Earnest Younger

    The Mossad has long employed the guise of artists and art collectors to provide a cover for their Satanic ops.

  • Rick


  • Elric of Melnibone

    Check this out:

    It’s real, but think about what is at stake, there is the pride of our country involved here.

  • Elric of Melnibone

    Retweeed from Allan Near

    Too much infrastructure in place. Obama has to protect Hillary to protect himself, Loretta Lynch, she is dirty but I don’t know how bad. James Comey, perhaps he has a conscious after all. This is a do or die for Clinton, Obama and Lynch, all the eggs in the same basket. Huma Abedin’s mistrust of her boss for the last 20 years is a real game changer. Poetic she labeled the file “Life Insurance”, then her pervert estranged husband gets under federal investigation, his computer seized in a warrant sweep and 650,000 emails from Clinton on it. It’s grown so big along with our intelligence agencies supplying Julian Assange and WikiLeaks thousands of emails, there is no stopping the snowball effect. The Clintons have already been transferring the money out of the Clinton Foundation to Qatar so they see the writing on the wall. Even is she can win the election there is no stopping the mass of the snowball that will consume everyone and everything in it’s path.

  • Charles hammer

    term limits one term and your out and no more donors or foundations .

  • Alex

    Are they going to set DT on the throne on the daggers?

  • Stop The Left

    I hope there is shooting involved.

  • notbelieving

    Thanks for the laugh in such a serious time and circumstance. That was PERFECT!
    You Texans sure have heart and mind for justice that is unique and admirable.

  • Doctor Who?

    Yes. I’ve seen this video.
    How did Huma ever get security clearance?
    She is a Muslim Mata Hari.
    The fact that Huma is still walking the streets and hosting fundraisers for Hillary shows something is seriously wrong in America.

    To top it off Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta is a Satan Worshiper.
    There are also stories that Hillary is some kind of Wiccan or witch.
    The FBI agents even refer to Hillary as Anti-Christ.
    I always thought David Icke was somewhat nuts for saying our rulers were Satan Worshipers.
    It turns out that David Icke is 100% RIGHT.

  • Doctor Who?

    Oh, yes. I almost forgot.
    Happy Guy Fawkes Day.
    It seems with all of the devil worshipers and Muslims infesting the US government America desperately needs a Guy Fawkes to blow things up.
    Perhaps Trump is the man.

  • roy
  • allan paull

    Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case

  • EmilyEnso

    Actually david Icke shouldn’t be scoffed at.
    He frequently is.
    But there must be a nest of vipers not just abedin.
    Whoever gave her clearance must be one.
    No way could that chain have escaped notice.
    Who gave her clearance should be charged if not with treason then accessory to.
    And get at least 20 years.
    As for Satanism – it has always been around in high places.
    Ever heard of Dennis Wheatley?.
    Very interesting man.
    As often, exposed it all via fiction but then told us it was going on.
    Remember all the kids -I think SF – who were smuggled down the tunnel?

  • invalidnametwo

    I can’t tell, who’s the bucktooth worm at 5:48?

  • Doctor Who?

    David Icke was talking about Jimmy Savile 10 years before the main stream media would even touch the subject. Icke was talking about it on the Alex Jones radio show.
    By the time the police started investigating it was too late.
    Savile was already dead and buried.

    As for Huma’s security clearance she was always a walking, talking security risk.
    The fact that she was wearing expensive designer clothes when she was a college student and a White House intern 20 years ago should have been a big Red Flag.
    White House interns aren’t paid.
    Where did Huma get the money to buy Yves St. Laurent and Oscar de Laurenta clothes?
    Her family background and her work with Muslim
    Brotherhood fronts were 2 other red flags.
    It’s a security breach that rivals the Kim Philby spy ring.

  • Jackie Lind

    Please let this be true! Clean out Washington and get our country back on the right track!

  • William

    You were too lazy to google that article. Just as you are too lazy to gaze at the widespread corruption pointed out in Wikileaks, as these stupid DNC and CTR operatives floated the “Putin” connection.
    Putin had nothing to do with Hillary selling influence.
    Hillary is a filthy corrupt child molester; She went to Orgy Island 6 times. She is a creepy criminal.

  • Hilda S. Colon

    No is not

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    Stop this nonsense. As a Druid I can tell you that Witches do not exist!

  • DavoHimself

    A Leak, is a Leak = Monitor 4chan for Bill pics release (by 5pm/Est).
    Rembmer, Remember. TODAY is NOVEMBER 5th..! 😉

  • Dave C

    Look a Squirrel!

  • DavoHimself

    You truly are a #Shitlord

  • Vicky Arterburn

    Are you sure that Comey is not calling all is agents to DC to confiscate all there evidence and destroy it! I’m sorry I just don’t trust James Comey anymore and I definitely don’t trust Obama’s justice department because they have done been proven that they are dishonest and trying to cover for Hillary Clinton!!

  • DavoHimself


  • William

    I believe the flight logs which provide an evidence chain. Facts matter.
    Good day will be Nov 8th when Trump wins.

  • MidclassTaxpayr

    I’ve read the same thing about her visits to LA for witches’ meetings.

  • TexasRedNeck

    We believe in the Judge Roy Bean style of justice. “We’ll give’m a fair trial then we’ll take’m outside and hang’m” !

  • I am under the impression my place is in fact to ‘speak out of order’. Joo golds or the mission stays the course…

  • ec

    It says it takes at least 48 hrs to prepare for a raid, not that one would occur withing 48 hrs.

  • flavortang

    Nothing is going to happen, guys. As disappointing as it is, HRC will be POTUS. No one is being indicted. This is the state of the world now. Corruption is too deep to be challenged.

  • Jock40

    Well why would they make it up?

  • Utility Account

    John Wilkes Booth disagrees with you.

  • flavortang

    Hope I’m proven wrong, but I’m highly doubtful. Justice isn’t going to prevail.

  • Scott

    If Comey did this every eledged suspect would already be scrubbing files and destroying evidence. They would of had to act much faster to salvage any evidence if 1) this were true, which I doubt 2) they had anything real to go on. I believe NYPD should have just acted on their own.

  • ScotHibb

    Stiff as a board, light as a feather…stiff as a board, light as a feather…

  • Pingback: Vin Suprynowicz » Blog Archive » Maybe if the media stay verrrry quiet, no one will notice . . .()

  • Jeremy Benghazi Barmore III

    It’s now Sunday, the 6th. I’ve heard nothing more about this. The comment sections on most of the sites that shared this information have gone silent. Are we all pissed, or embarrassed, and just stopped talking? I got one reply to my question yesterday, though I’m not seeing it here, and that person hasn’t heard anything either.

  • MyrtleJune

    Clicks. They make money off of clicks. And/or they get paid by the post by the same idjits who paid comey off to perpetrate this fantasy.

  • I’ve listened to this several times and believe his use of the word COUP, while technically correct, isn’t what most people think of a COUP as being.

    Hillary is not a part of a coup. She is a part of a long term subversive movement.

    The COUP will not begin until later. Much later. And it is not going to be attempted until well after it is too late.

    We have 50 States in our Union. And while they are supposed to be independent sovereign entities, that was subverted long ago. It’s just that it is economically advantageous for taxation and regulation purposes to still have States. And it was the individual State the Founders relied upon to keep the federal government in check. The Feds have used the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, have expanded it, and essentially used it to cover every single facet of our lives.

    We used to be New Yorkers, Okies, or Californians. Today we are Americans. And that is being subverted so we can only refer to ourselves as Earthlings. Read the European news sometime and see how the EU demonizes nationalism.

    When the Administration finally crosses a line a COUP will begin. What is the line? I don’t know. It hasn’t happened because of economics, increased government sponsored racial animosity. What will it take?

    I think Americans have always looked to our election process to keep things going. And because of the voter fraud, bundles of ballots found, emails from political operatives talking about it, and a President who seems to encourage nonAmericans to vote… I think THIS is what will break the back of the peaceful transfer of power and turn it into a COUP.

    Black and Hispanic voters should FEAR illegals voting. It means an end of the dream they, their parents and grandparents had for a better future. The racial divide in the US has been widened by the government and her bulging bureaucratic machine.

    It is not white trailer park trash that cause racial problems. You’re always going to have a few who have nothing because they are too lazy to earn it, and they will always find someone else to hate, black, Jew, Hispanic, Muslim, gays, someone. It is an Administration that takes what may be a good idea to get votes, a Congress that starts adding all their pork to it, and a huge behemoth of a bureaucracy that has the discretion to add and then enforce rules, regulations, fees and penalties. And no one stops them.

    A couple in Colorado dug a pond in the backyard of their 3 acre home. They landscaped it, turned it into a great family area. Then government people saw birds, declared it a wildlife refuge and a wetlands, threatened the people with huge fines and jail terms. Bureaucrats. The Legislators who passed wetlands and game reserve laws never intended a homeowner’s backyard to become some national park. Bureaucrats. Unelected and, apparently, unregulated, unsupervised and unaccountable.

    The COUP is going to happen eventually. I fear the four year tradition of peaceful transfer of power may end in 2017.

  • De Plorabus Unum

    If you Democrats had not been so mean, victory wouldn’t be so sweet!

  • Eudoxia

    Do you call child sacrifice freedom of religion? I call it murder.