An Open Letter from the Staff of True Pundit: We Put It All On The Line. Did You?


I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who risked their careers and, in many cases, lives and safety of their families to make True Pundit what it is today.

Our goal was to make a huge difference in the 2016 election by shining the light on corruption in America. We surpassed that goal. The current media on the left or right, as we saw in in early 2016, was not properly equipped to get the job done. We were right about that too. If we were wrong, you would have never heard of True Pundit.

What we have achieved via the journalism alone was beyond any of our projections. We started out on Twitter and ended up on every major media publication and TV news show you can think of. Last week, our stories literally rocked Hillary’s campaign. All without any help from established conservative media types, who largely have worked against our efforts. That has been unsettling and we will deal with that at a later date.

Understanding the vital importance of this election, and what it means for the future of the Constitution and Republic, we put our personal and professional lives largely on hold and did this with:

  • No budget
  • No advertisers
  • No investors
  • No charitable contributions

We have not profited in any way even $1 for running True Pundit. Claims that we generated breaking story after breaking story because we are “click bait” are laughable. Never had any ads or profit model. The only bait was just old school journalism. Just the Truth.

Our fore fathers risked their fortunes, lives, their families and everything they had achieved in life to make this county.

We feel we did the same. No regrets, We have made great friends along with way with our supporters and millions of readers.

When we vote on Tuesday to try and reclaim the United States of America and its Constitution we do so knowing we put our asses on the line for our country.

Did you?

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