You Should Never Stay Home On Election Day


One thing has been sorely absent from many high profile GOP Congressmen and Senators who’ve recently stated they will not vote for Trump: the people making the choices that impact our lives the most are often lower on the ballot, and the critical importance of understanding that politics is a team sport. Simply put, winners govern the losers.

When 300 million people are represented by 535 Congressmen and Senators, they must understand the critical importance and influence of their voices.

Too often in recent conversations I have heard individuals state that they are so disgusted by this election that they are staying home and refusing to participate or support either of the Presidential candidates and a Party that has “betrayed” them for one reason or another.

Refusing to vote is both disrespectful and short sighted. Disrespectful because the right to vote and participate in this amazing experiment of self-governance has been paid for by immeasurable sacrifices over the last two centuries. While your freedom encompasses the choice to stay at home, I’d ask that you think of those servicemen and women, including too many of my own friends, who will spend this election cycle and every one hereafter interred in Arlington and other cemeteries across our country unable to exercise the right they died to protect. Short sighted because the races that determine what type of community we live in are found at the bottom of the ticket in every County Commissioner, Mayoral, State House or State Senate race. – READ MORE

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