WikiLeaks warns of Trump, RNC email vulnerabilities


As we all have a good laugh at the DNC over their email leak, WikiLeaks linked to this analysis that suggests both Donald Trump and the RNC are at risk of having their emails hacked, too:

“Donald J. Trump has repeatedly bashed Sen. Hillary Clinton for handling classified documents on her private email server, suggesting that anyone who is so lax with email security isn’t fit to become president. But a closer look at the Web sites for each candidate shows that in contrast to, has failed to take full advantage of a free and open email security technology designed to stymie email spoofing and phishing attacks.

At issue is a fairly technical proposed standard called DMARC. Short for “domain-based messaging authentication reporting and conformance,” DMARC tries to solve a problem that has plagued email since its inception: It’s surprisingly difficult for email providers and end users alike to tell whether a given email is real – i.e. that it really was sent by the person or organization identified in the “from:” portion of the missive.”


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