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WikiLeaks Release Documents on How CIA Uses 5 Different Malware


WikiLeaks has released a trove of data belong to the American intelligence agency CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) – The latest batch shows how CIA uses five different malware to target unsuspecting users.

These malware are called HammerLoss, Regin, HTTPBrowser, NfLog, and Gamker – The documents also show how CIA used Raytheon Blackbird Technologies, a contractor for the Remote Development Branch (RDB) of the CIA.

The nightmarish revelations from Julian Assange are from over, and the latest batch of documents after the release of Vault 7 has startling new information about the CIA’s ability of hacking and infiltrating its targets. The data includes reports from experts about the way various malware programs owned and used by the CIA are used and the way these programs function. In total, there are five files.


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