Why Hillary Clinton’s Team Could Have Been Behind Obama’s Anti-Russian Sanctions

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The Obama administration’s move resembles nothing so much as an act of vengeance directed at their successors, according to Vzglyad’s political analyst Evgeny Krutikov.

However, the analyst believes that Hillary Clinton’s team could have been behind the decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats and impose sanctions on Moscow over the so-called “vote hacking.” “The expulsion of the Russian diplomats appears to be not a ‘hysteria’, but an action ‘for internal use’ initiated by Hillary Clinton’s team rather than the outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry. Russian diplomats were accused of ‘involvement in hacker attacks’, which allegedly ‘affected the outcome of the US presidential election.’ Now when nothing prevents US President-elect Trump to take office, the Clinton team continues to work out an acceptable version of what lay behind their defeat. They don’t care whether their actions damage the US-Russian relationship,” Krutikov suggested. – READ MORE

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