White House: Cuban ‘Freedom’ Could Mean ‘Freedom from Rising COVID Cases’


White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that Cuban protesters yelling “freedom!” during anti-communist protests were actually demanding “freedom from rising COVID cases.”

Cuba experienced dozens of protests in cities across the island Sunday attracting thousands of people, the largest outpouring of opposition to the Communist Party in recent memory. Protesters waved American flags, chanted “freedom!” and hurled profanities at the Castro dictatorship. American establishment news outlets have nonetheless reported that the protests were somehow not political in nature but an expression of concern for the situation regarding the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

When a Fox News reporter asked Psaki if the Cuban protests Sunday were out of “concern about rising COVID Cases,” she responded by saying the White House is “still assessing what is motivating, of course, and driving all the individuals who came to the streets.”

“There are a range of reasons and voices we are hearing from people on the ground that are protesting,” she continued.

The Fox News reporter asked for clarification: “So when these protestors are yelling ‘freedom’ and ‘enough,’ there are people within the administration who think they are saying, ‘freedom from rising COVID cases?’”

“There is a global [sic] pandemic right now, most people in that country don’t have access to vaccines; that’s certainly something we’d love to help with,” she said. “I would say that when people are out there on the street protesting and complaining about the lack of access to, uh, economic prosperity, uh, to the medical supplies they need to a life they deserve to live, uh, that can take on a range of meaning.”- READ MORE

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