While America Was Focused on Hurricane Harvey Devastation, Hillary Stealthily Amends 2016 Campaign Filings


Never let a good crisis go to waste. It’s the mantra from page one of the Democratic playbook.

And while America was focused on the flood devastation of Hurricane Harvey this week which ripped through Texas and Louisiana, Hillary Clinton was quietly filing late revisions to the $1.37 billion she spent trying to beat Donald Trump.

Relax. It wasn’t her money.

Regardless, that is a lot of cash and there is not very much of it left either, according the Hillary Victory Fund’s new reports filed with the Federal Election Commission on August 30, during the height of the hurricane. It appears Hillary’s controversial campaign PAC, which drew criticism for siphoning off the bulk of campaign contributions to state-run Democratic coffers, has about $600,000 remaining in Clinton’s accounts.

Clinton filed four amended reports with the FEC during Hurricane Harvey week, including:

July Quarterly 2016
Post-General 2016
Year-End 2015

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