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Watchdogs on ‘Serious’ Conflicts of Interest at Clinton Foundation: Hillary Should ‘Sever Ties Completely’


After the flood of new reporting on allegations that Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to sell access to major Clinton Foundation donors, government watchdog groups are sounding off about the “very serious” conflicts of interest at the Clinton Foundation should Hillary win in November.
“The Clinton Foundation has posed a very serious conflict of interest for the entire time that it’s existed,” Craig Holman, government affairs lobbyist at Public Citizen, said, according to The Hill. “The conflicts of interest are very real, and that gives Trump some ammunition to throw at it, and we’re going to hear about it [until the campaign ends].”

Holman acknowledges that Bill Clinton’s promise to resign from the Clinton Foundation board and stop giving paid speeches if Hillary Clinton wins the White House in November is a positive sign. But it won’t eliminate the perception of “pay to play.” He suggests Chelsea Clinton’s resignation from the foundation board.

“If she really wants to get out from under the cloud she should sever ties completely with the foundation,” Holman said. However, that’s a decision to which the Clintons won’t commit. – READ MORE

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