WATCH: Tucker Educates Former DNC Press Sec On Sanctuary Cities


A former DNC press secretary doubled down on debunked talking points on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday and refused to believe a study that found sanctuary cities are not safer than non-sanctuary cities.

Citing the case of an illegal immigrant who was deported 20 times before he allegedly sexually assaulted an elderly woman in Portland, Oregon, Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked former DNC press secretary Jose Aristimuno if the case soured his view on sanctuary cities.

“Isn’t this the exact reason you don’t want sanctuary cities in the first place? If you don’t enforce the law people are going to do appalling things to your citizens?” Carlson said.

Aristimuno argued that sanctuary cities are doing well economically and are actually safer than non-sanctuary cities.

However, The Daily Caller founder informed Aristimuno that a recent UC-Riverside study found that there isn’t a discernible difference in crime rates between sanctuary cities and non-sanctuary cities. In fact, the study found that violent crime is, on average, slightly higher in sanctuary cities, although the researchers concluded the difference was not statistically significant.

“That’s not true,” Aristimuno claimed.

“This is the biggest study of its kind that’s shown that, and you have on your side…what?” Carlson said, somewhat dumbfounded.

“Look, the real problem is that our current president, as you know, is trying to defund sanctuary cities,” Aristimuno responded, dodging the point. “What that is actually going to do is our police, our men in uniform, are actually going to be less safe.”

“Fine, blow right past the study,” Carlson laughed.


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