WATCH: Tucker Carlson skewers the media’s hypocrisy on Stephen Bannon


Tucker Carlson assailed the media for their obsession with race and identity, and the hypocrisy they had in labelling Bannon a bigot and a racist. He made the comments Friday on his Fox News show.

“A senior White House advisor Steve Bannon got canned today after losing an internal power struggle that had been raging for months,” he began. “Like his now former boss, Bannon was a mercurial figure in a business that prizes predictability. To steal cliches from a hundred different cop movies, he was a loose cannon who didn’t play by the rules. Bannon fanned fruitless controversy with unwise remarks, he specialized in making enemies. The White House will be a much more placid place now that he is gone. The question is, will it be a better place?”



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