WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Goads Brian Stelter Into Ludicrous ‘We’re Pro-Truth’ Speech


Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway volunteered for another one of those 20-minute bickering sessions with Trump-hating CNN anchors. In this case the CNN show was Reliable Sources and the host was Brian Stelter. Trump aides can barely finish a sentence without CNN interrupting and talking over the talking points.

MRC’s Brent Baker pointed out the highlight of this fight, near the end, as Conway continuously mocked the CNN brand as Stelter kept insisting Trump was in a “credibility crisis.” Conway asked Stelter to “own” their image as an anti-Trump network, which he ludicrously denied:

Conway began by noting how the “Facts First” network doesn’t want to focus on the employment picture under Trump, or the 54 record highs on the stock market, or the booming consumer-confidence numbers. Stelter insisted CNN’s economic reporters were covering that, and she argued she wasn’t seeing it much on TV. Stelter said the public doesn’t give Trump credit

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