WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Says ‘Russian Disruptors’ May Have Been On The Wall Street Bets Subreddit


Jimmy Kimmel referred to some amateur investors affiliated with a Reddit channel as “Russian disruptors” who invested in GameStop stock during his Friday night show.

During a segment of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel said that since people are mostly buying games online, GameStop has experienced a sharp decline in sales. However, GameStop stock has continued to increase over the last six months, mostly due to amateur investors.

“Despite a sharp decline in sales, over the past six months their stock price has grown by 8,000% because a bunch of amateur investors, maybe even some Russian disruptors, who are part of a Reddit community called Wall Street Bets decided to buy a bunch of GameStop stock and drive the price up and screw over the hedge fund guys,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel added that the incident upset people who work for hedge funds, who are now calling for an investigation into the Reddit sub-group who “manipulated the market,” video shows.

“Now the hedge fund guys are upset and they’re pushing for an investigation and they’re like ‘we can’t have a bunch of randos from Reddit manipulating the market. That’s what we do. Stealing our things,’” Kimmel said.

He compared the situation to popular high school football players betting against a nerdy girl for prom queen until the “nerds” join together and rig the election, video shows.

Kimmel also had someone dressed as Mario to try to explain the GameStop – Reddit situation from an “expert” point of view, video shows.

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