WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Has Fifth Graders Perform ‘The First Trumpsgiving’ Play


Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel invited on a cadre of cute little fifth-graders to troll President Trump with a performance of “The First Trumpsgiving,” a play in which the former real estate mogul shows up to Plymouth Rock and offends everyone.

“Over the last 400 or so years, the story of Thanksgiving hasn’t changed much,” Kimmel said in the introduction. “We learn it in school and it’s fine, but this year we wanted to spice it up.”

Kimmel then welcomed the players onto the stage, allegedly from Mar-a-Lago Country Day School in Palm Beach, Florida. A narrator establishing the setting revealed that the first pilgrims (the Trump family) arrived on a “private yacht” named “The Mayflower.”- READ MORE

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