WATCH: Black Lives Matter Activists Call For Boycott Of Non-Black-Owned Businesses


Black Lives Matter activists have called for black people, people of color, and allies to abstain from spending any money on non-black-owned businesses, especially on July 7, as well as other days after that date, to send a message about the far-left movement.

The movement was apparently triggered by a man named Calvin Martyr, who asked other black people via YouTube to completely abstain from spending starting on July 7, according to

However, as noted by The Blaze and a CNBC report, that movement is being used to promote black-owned businesses during the so-called “blackout,” apparently the only places where it is acceptable to spend money during the partial economic abstinence session.

“This movement is an awakening of the national consciousness of black people in America and abroad,” the site says. “We need economic solidarity in America amongst all black people unequivocally.” – READ MORE

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