WATCH: Air New Zealand Employs Little Kids To Troll Trump With An Elaborate Christmas Ad


Air New Zealand has joined the chorus of organizations using little kids to troll President Trump. Even worse, they’re using Christmas as a platform.

An elaborate Christmas ad from the airline named after the country that brought us Peter Jackson begins with Santa Claus emailing the 2018 “Naughty List” to his elves; however, in the frantic heat of the moment, he mistakenly emails it to a boy in New Zealand named “Elvis Anderson.”

The ad then cuts to a classroom where the boy, Elvis Anderson, receives the email from Santa on his smartphone. To his dismay, he discovers that both he and his friends are all on the “Naughty List.” Not willing to go down without a fight, they resolve to hold a summit with all of the “Naughty” children of the world to commiserate on ways to put themselves on the “Nice List.”  – READ MORE


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