UNLEASHED: Wasserman’s Dog Ensnared in Hack; Chair Used DNC Email to Launch Pup’s Facebook Page


Perhaps the strangest revelation from the DNC’s email leaks is something so secret and unbelievable that not even Wikileaks will reveal.

Instead of securing the DNC’s email servers from hackers, True Pundit has learned, Debbie Waaserman Schultz was busy setting up a Facebook page for her dog. The dog’s name is “Demmy Crat.”

No, this is not a joke. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. It’s that bizarre. But it’s also so damn rich.

After breaching DNC servers and absconding with a treasure trove of incriminating data, hackers discovered that Wasserman Schultz employed her email address used for official DNC business to set up the social media account for her dog. Amused hackers, who are responsible for the DNC’s turbulent dog days of summer, don’t make a habit of letting a sleeping dog lie, so they tipped off True Pundit to the canine revelation.

Demmy Crat, a Labrador retriever, is pictured on the page lounging around the house and chilling out on a large sofa. Demmy Crat has more friends on Facebook than McGruff, according to sources. His following comprises 102 members from the Wasserman clan and the Schultz family, Wasserman’s in laws, other notable Democrats, and of course members of the media. So much for dogged journalism and reporting.


Demmy Crat’s page, however, is private. You actually have to be an accepted friend before you can converse with the dog and it’s buddies. And yes, apparently, you can talk with the dog. Demmy Crat also leaves comments on his page. A dog that can read, write, and use a keyboard. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Until earlier today, Wasserman Schultz ran one of the country’s best dog and pony shows, so perhaps her dog can indeed use social media. I mean, look how well she trained and collared Chuck Todd.

Hackers said, from various unreleased emails, that Demmy Crat also has a Pinterest page. No, again, this is not a joke.

We checked Wasserman’s home county’s voting rolls in Florida. According to records, Demmy Crat is not a registered voter. Hey, we had to check. Politics is a dog-eat-dog world. If you want Demmy Crat to be your pal, hit him up on his page. https://www.facebook.com/demmy.crat.9

Some of Demmy Crat’s online buddies:


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