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(Video) White House Opens Presidential Pardon Dialogue for Hillary Clinton


What a difference a day can make. One day you’re the front runner to be the next U.S. president and the next day you are the topic of a presidential pardon for alleged crimes against the Republic.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Wednesday talked around direct questions on whether President Barack Obama would pardon Hillary Clinton before leaving office but did divulge that Obama liked the “tone” of what such a pardon would represent.

This is typical Beltway speak, where only veteran analysts and reporters can decipher specifically what a seasoned press secretary truly means by spouting legalese-ridden riddles. However, there is little doubt from the comments, that Obama is open to pardoning Clinton, especially if he wishes to preserve what little of his presidential legacy is left after Tuesday’s voter mandate and scathing national indictment of his tenure in office.

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