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VIDEO: Liberal ABC Race-Baiters Strike Again; Openly Ridicule Whites & Trump Voters During NFL Playoff Game


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ABC TV has declared war on Trump voters and whites.

From the same Ass Hats who helped destroy the ESPN brand — owned by Disney — as well as the ever-collapsing fake news factory ABC News, ABC TV openly taunted Trump supporters by airing a commercial for its ridicule-Whitey series called “Black-ish”.

Apparently plummeting ratings didn’t deter the programming geniuses at ABC from pumping even more liberal nonsense into an already biased network. When you can’t find any writing talent why not just make fun of white people and conservatives? Smooth programming strategy, immediately alienating over 60% of your potential audience right out of the gate.

Prediction? Whitey and minority Trump supporters aren’t happy being ridiculed. Expect your network to suffer accordingly. As it should.

Hard-working Americans don’t march in the streets and bitch when they are angry (at least, not yet). They just boycott your network. Slowly but surely.


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