VIDEO: Inspector General Ducks Ambush Interview About Her Failed Oversight of Imran Awan & Family


Former U.S. Congressional Inspector General Theresa Grafenstine was confronted in San Diego Friday and questioned on why Imran Awan and family were allowed to run roughshod in Congress while she was charged with oversight of its cyber security.

She offered few answers and her handlers at the security conference quickly provided cover for Grafenstine, who recently retired as Inspector General charged with Congressional oversight.

Grafenstine, questioned by CrowdSource the Truth editor Jason Goodman, acknowledged the Awan’s case was indeed her case, however, she “turned” the case over to federal law enforcement officials in late 2016. After Goodman pressed the squeamish former IG — who now works for Deloitte as a managing director in Virginia — Grafenstine admitted no one from the FBI has questioned her about the case since late 2016.

Goodman was all but tossed out of the event for asking legitimate questions regarding Congressional security.

Grafenstine’s speech, ironically, focused on cyber security and touted her as an expert on the subject.

Goodman, along with journalist George Webb have been doggedly pursuing the Awan case for a solid year.

Webb who updates his YouTube log daily about the Awan clan and their assorted crimes while employed by Congress, has done so for 365 consecutive days.

Awan and wife Hina Alvi were charged in a four-count indictment in August, charging the couple for defrauding the Congressional Federal Credit Union, making false statements and illegal money transfers to Pakistan. The Awans, along with two brothers, worked for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and dozens of other Democratic members of Congress, performing IT work.

In recent weeks, GOP members of Congress said they believed the Awans could have sold secrets to foreign governments.

Grafenstine was employed as Congressional Inspector General for 19 years before she retired three weeks ago.



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