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VIDEO Flashback: CNN Plays “Punk A** N***ga’s” Gangsta Rap During Story on 103-yr-old African-American Woman


Little has changed at CNN during the last decade, it’s just that now people are more astute to the network’s partisan, stereotypical and often fabricated brand of news reporting.

We venture back into the classic CNN racial archives from 2010 with a news story on a 103-year-old woman who still cruises around town in her Cadillac in Coatesville, PA, a gritty suburb of Philadelphia. The story is progressing swimmingly when at the end, CNN dubs a 1994 gangsta rap track from Hip Hop artist Coolio, with graphic lyrics that framed the elderly driver in an embarrassing light:

“Ain’t no bloodin’, ain’t no crippin’
Ain’t no punk-a** n***a’s set trippin’
everybody’s got a stack and it ain’t no crack”

For you younger folks wondering what CNN was like 10 years ago. The CNN producers on this story were likely promoted after this.

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