Veterans Affairs Dept says it won’t reimburse vets who were underpaid GI Bill benefit payments: report


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) told congressional staffers on Wednesday that it will not repay veterans who received smaller GI Bill benefit payments than they were owed, NBC News reported.

Committee aides told the outlet that the VA said it could not reimburse those veterans without auditing past education claims, which, they said, would hold up future claims.

The report comes weeks after computer problems delayed GI Bill payments to hundreds of thousands of veterans.

The issue first came under scrutiny after GI Bill payments were delayed due to a change in calculating housing allowances under the Forever GI Bill, which President Trump signed into law last year. According to NBC News, the department’s computers were unable to process the change, quickly leading to an immense backlog of veterans’ claims.

The issues ultimately resulted in Robert Worley, executive director of the VA’s education service, being reassigned earlier this month.- READ MORE


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