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Venezuela Descends Into Dictatorship, But Media Can’t Be Bothered


Venezuela’s oppressive, socialist president hopes to seize even more power, yet the broadcast networks continue to largely ignorehis country’s violent descent into dictatorship.

With over 100 Venezuelans dead from the rapidly escalating violence between the government and protesters, a special vote will take place on July 30 to give authoritarian president Nicolas Maduro the power to rewrite the Venezuelan Constitution to strip legislative power from the rightfully-elected National Assembly. After years of struggling with the failures of socialist policy, the people of Venezuela are dangerously close to being subjected to an absolute dictatorship.

Yet between them, the morning and evening news broadcasts of ABC, CBS and NBC in 2017 have spent a piddling 18 minutes, 51 seconds talking about Venezuela, with only 11 stories between them. Between them, the morning and evening news shows broadcast more than 10,000 news stories during this time period.


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