Undeterred By Violent Protests In France, Trudeau Set To Implement Massive Carbon Tax


Liberal hero and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, undeterred by the massive unrest in France à la the “Yellow Vest” movement, is set to implement a massive federal tax on carbon emissions by April.

As France literally burns from weeks-long protesting over French President Emmanuel Macron’s now-abandoned fuel tax, Trudeau is sticking to his Climate Change initiative, which conservative critics say is already crippling Canadian businesses and squeezing the middle class.

Under Trudeau’s plan, according to The Washington Times, a national price on carbon emissions of $7.5 a ton will be increased to $37.50 by 2022. By April, a carbon tax will be implemented across the nation, despite fiery opposition from at least four provinces.

According to Canada’s environment minister Katherine McKenna, excessively taxing Canadians for carbon emissions “is just a basic principle.”

“If you make it free to pollute, there will be more pollution. If you put a price on pollution, it will create the incentive for folks to save money by reducing pollution, choosing cleaner solutions and the innovations we need,” said McKenna. – READ MORE

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