Undercover Jihad: Omar Mateen Worked for FBI then Went Rogue


True Pundit is now definitively receiving source intelligence from law enforcement that Orlando killer Omar Mateen was either:

1. A paid, protected FBI informant
2. Was radicalized by FBI informants as part of one of their “terror stings.”

Either way, Mateen went rogue and FBI brass are running for cover, sources said.
“This could end up being the FBI version of the Iran-Contra hearings in the Senate,” a source said. “Everyone is working to keep a lid on this.”

True Pundit two days ago reported and tagged Mateen as a FBI informant, as he fit the profile perfectly.

The FBI publicizes “terror”-related arrests which it contrives through sting operations that ensnare dupes set up by the FBI to exploit in the news media and make Americans feel safe when publicized by the comatose and complicit media. This is manufactured terrorism, staged terror theater written and produced by the DOJ. However, these stings are often coordinated by individuals who meet the exact profile of Mateen. In exchange for cooperating with the FBI and running point on such stings, Mateen would not be charged with previous crimes and would be paid as a CI; Cooperating Individual, a fancy term for informant. It’s easy money. Rat out your enemies and protect any ISIS assets by supplying misinformation or planting strategically false intel. It’s a perfect set up if your primary allegiance is with ISIS as informants are privy to confidential information which they can use or relay. Plus you have a get-out-of-jail-free card if you are accused of any other crime by another agency. Double agent. A paid double agent.

But sometimes informants turn bad. If Mateen went rogue on his FBI handlers in favor of an ISIS-sponsored rampage, it makes sense the crime scene would be locked down for hours until agents, police and national security brass could contrive a solid cover story. As of this writing, hours of emergency radio broadcasts and 911 calls and tapes from first responders have been locked down and are not available to the public. This is abnormal.

Mateen was employed by security firm G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc. since 2007. G4S has $230 Million+ contract with the Dept. of Homeland Security to transport illegals. What a perfect perch to poach unsuspecting would-be jihadists and additional intelligence assets for the FBI and its controversial stings. Why didn’t the FBI inform DHS one of its contractors was under investigation? Did FBI subpoena Mateen’s employment records from G4S, a red flag for the employer? Neither commonplace moves would be played by FBI if the suspect struck a C.I. deal with the bureau.

Here’s the True Pundit headline from June 12. We were the first media source in the country to make the connection.


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