Tweeting jihadism: The online onslaught of Islamic State and why Twitter fails to tackle it


In an unprecedented crackdown on the extremist tweets, Twitter has banned hundreds of thousands of terrorist accounts. The Times of India carried a report on its front-page stating that,

Twitter has suspended 2, 35,000 accounts promoting terrorism since February this year.
Many of these accounts are those of Islamic State supporters.
Daily suspensions are up 80 percent since last year.

Terrorism experts and researchers explore that the Islamic State (IS) terrorists use almost all social media platforms, practically Twitter, Facebook,, Instagram, Viper, Whatsapp, Tumblr, PalTalk, Kik, and But they have used Twitter most particularly to drive communications over other social media platforms. As a result, counter-terrorism agencies have often criticised Twitter for ‘serving as a breeding ground for the terrorists’. And this is precisely why Twitter is now applying an even more aggressive strategy to eliminate extremism on its platform. Apparently for being questioned on its efforts to combat terrorist activities on its network, Twitter has now announced its committal crackdown on the activities of the IS extremists by suspending accounts and deleting posts that promote violence and terrorism. It could no longer pussyfoot over the online combat against ISIS. – READ MORE

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