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Trump’s path to victory runs through Florida; enthusiasm ‘through the roof’


TAMPA, Fla. — Prognosticators have issued a grim assessment of Donald Trump’s chances, but the GOP nominee’s path to the White House is still alive and runs through Florida, where his campaign has gained momentum in the final stretch of the race.

He’s rising in the polls in the Sunshine State and remains competitive in Ohio — the two biggest battleground prizes on the map — and the volatility of the 2016 election leaves his backers confident that he holds the advantage thanks to an enthusiasm gap that the tycoon holds over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Anybody who says the race is over — that’s preposterous,” said Peter Feaman, a GOP national committeeman in Florida. “Now that early voting has started and the turnout so far is setting records, that bodes well for Trump, not Clinton, because the enthusiasm for Trump is through the roof.” – READ MORE

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