Trump says border wall will be 35 to 45 FEET high


Donald Trump has answered a key question about his flagship Mexican wall policy: how high will it be?

‘I think the height could be 35 to 45 feet. That’s a good height. That’s a good height. Anywhere in that neighborhood. Could be higher,’ he told Sean Hannity of Fox News.

The Republican nominee committed once again to building his proposed wall along the border with Mexico, to raucous cheers from the crowd.

The Great Wall of Trump’, as he has called it, has become a key component of his campaign.

 ‘It’s not a question of wanting [to build it]. We have no choice,’ he said. ‘It’ll get done so quickly your head will spin.’

Trump’s proposed wall height has changed several times during his campaign. In October Trump said that it could be 40-50 feet high.

His cost estimations have also varied – on two separate occasions in February he put it at $8 billion and $10-12 billion. – READ MORE

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