Trump Says Big Announcement Coming Next Week For Auto Industry

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President Donald Trump visited the American Center for Mobility in Ypsilanti, Mich., Wednesday afternoon, where he met with automotive executives and gave a short speech on the future of automobile manufacturing.

“I am going to fight for Michigan workers, I am going to fight to keep the automobile production in the United States,” the president promised the crowd outside of Detroit Wednesday.

“We want to be the car capital of the world again,” the president said, before alluding to a big announcement relating to the automotive industry. “By the way, we’re going to have a very big announcement next week having to do with your industry, very very big, very, very important,” he said without going into detail.

“Everybody says, what is it?” Trump said, as he pointed to the press gallery in the back of the room. “Lets keep them [members of the media] guessing back there,” he joked.

While in Detroit, the president met with leaders of the big three auto companies, as well as executives representing Japanese and German auto manufacturers.

The Trump administration is also reviewing the feasibility of the new vehicle emissions rules, which automakers say would be too expensive and could cost jobs. The meeting Wednesday was an opportunity for auto executives to discuss the emission standards, which are set years in advanced.

Trump hammered home his message of America first, reminding the crowd that he immediately withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“The assault on the American auto industry is over,” the president said, before explaining the government is setting up a task force in every federal agency to “identify and remove any regulation that undermines American auto production, and any other kind of production.”

The president referenced the historic context of the location of his speech, mentioning World War II hero Rosie the Riveter worked at the Willow Run facility 70 years ago.

During WWII, the Willow Run manufacturing facility produced American bombing planes, churning out a new B-24 each hour. “These hundreds of acres, that defended our democracy, are going to help build the cars and cities of the future,” the president said.

“I ask you today to join me in daring to believe that this facility, this city, and this nation will once again shine with industrial might,” the president concluded.

“May God bless the American worker, may God bless the Motor City, and may God bless the United States of America,” he said.


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