Trump Reiterates Promise To ‘Extinguish’ ISIS In Speech To Congress

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President Donald Trump reiterated his intention to destroy Islamic State in his speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, promising to “extinguish” the terrorist group from the planet.

Trump noted that, “as promised,” he directed the Pentagon to provide a new plan to counter ISIS. Secretary of Defense James Mattis presented a preliminary version of this plan to administration principals Monday in an effort to receive their input.

The president said that part of the plan will involve working with U.S. allies, including those in the Muslim world, to “extinguish” the “vile” terrorist group from the planet.

While many of the plan’s details remain unknown, the Pentagon has said it will include multiple government agencies and will target ISIS in multiple areas, in addition to Syria and Iraq. Pentagon officials reportedly are considering deploying conventional ground troops to Syria in an effort to further roll back the terrorist organization.

Trump also noted his administration is “taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical Islamic terrorism.” He claimed it was “reckless” to allow uncontrolled access to the U.S. from countries where proper vetting is difficult. In response, he vowed to take new steps to “keep those out who will do us harm.” Trump’s last attempt at preventing immigration from such countries failed after key portions were blocked by Federal District Judge James Robart, whose ruling was upheld by U.S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.


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