Trump: Ohio, North Dakota And Idaho To Begin Opening On May 1


President Donald Trump announced that three more states will begin a phased reopening process on May 1 after meeting the requirements for decreasing cases of COVID-19.

The governors of Ohio, North Dakota and Idaho all intend to begin the process. Reopening will occur in three phases for each state according to the severity of their outbreaks. Minnesota began relaxing distancing guidelines on Friday, but states with the most critical outbreaks like New York, New Jersey and Louisiana may take much longer to reach phase one.

Phase one allows restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and churches to reopen so long as they follow distancing guidelines. Phase two will allow schools, camps and public parks to reopen, and the aforementioned industries in phase one can adopt less strict guidelines. Phase three allows major sporting events to return under light distancing guidelines, and employers can return to normal staffing. – READ MORE

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