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Top DC Metro Cops: Still No Serious Homicide Investigation Into Seth Rich Murder


Our Washington DC Metro Police sources who originally reported that there was never any real push to investigate the Seth Rice murder case, today confirmed that little has changed on that front, despite the massive public outcry.

In April, long before the media frenzy over the Seth Rich homicide, True Pundit was the first news group to report that there was no department-wide push to look into Rich’s homicide. Our sources on Friday, again, echoed that sentiment.

After we originally broke the story, Metro clamped down on all Seth Rich Intel: No autopsy, no police reports, no interviews, no hospital or EMT records, no questions about the Seth Rich murder would be answered.

Police are saddled with the duty to protect and serve.

In D.C. the question appears to be who Metro brass are protecting and who they are serving. It’s certainly not Seth Rich.


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