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Tidal Wave Of NYT Readers Vote NO On ‘Echo Chamber Of Liberal Intellectualism’


New York Times readers are writing to the publication at a rate on par with what was seen after 9/11 with an angry message: “I expect more from The Times.”

That’s what reader Judy Barlas told NYTimes editor Liz Spayd for her article, “One Thing Voters Agree On: Better Campaign Coverage Was Needed.” Barlas supported Sen. Bernie Sanders, and felt like the Times pushed a narrative that then-competitor Hillary Clinton was always going to win the Democratic nomination.

Times readers are writing and calling the Times and commenting on articles in droves to express, according to Spayd, “a searing level of dissatisfaction” with the 165-year-old paper’s coverage of the 2016 presidential election. Complaints to the public editor are at five times the normal level; customer care is also seeing an uptick in calls – READ MORE

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