There Are ‘Thousands And Thousands’ Of Other Documents On Jeffrey Epstein Case: Journalist


Despite the apparent suicide of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, there are “thousands and thousands” of other documents linked to his sex trafficking case and “so many threads of information” that could implicate co-conspirators, a Miami Herald investigative reporter said Sunday on MSNBC.

Journalist Julie K. Brown said she’s hopeful victims will get justice as cases are pursued against possible co-conspirators. Brown has been credited with helping to instigate a new investigation of Epstein in the wake of his shockingly light 13-month sentence in Florida in 2008 after he pleaded guilty to felony solicitation of prostitution involving a minor. He was allowed to continue commuting to work while he served his time. He was charged last month in Manhattan with sex trafficking underage girls.

“I sense that U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman in New York is pretty resolute in his effort to find justice for these victims, and certainly with all the documents that were released the other day, there’s a lot of angles for him to pursue,” said Brown.

“There is so much information in those documents, and we have thousands and thousands of more documents that are probably going to be released,” she told MSNBC news host Morgan Radford. “There are so many threads of information and evidence and testimony and witnesses that are contained in those documents that he has a lot to work with there.” – READ MORE

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