Taxpayer-Funded PBS and NPR Can’t Locate a Clinton-Russia Story


In a shock to no one, the liberal networks funded by taxpayers — PBS and NPR — have so far ignored the emerging new stories on the emerging new investigative stories on Russian involvement with the Clintons and the Obama administration. A Nexis search finds nothing there. PBS and NPR have hammered on Russia over the last two days, but only as it deals with the Trump angle.

On Tuesday night’s All Things Considered, NPR aired a four-minute interview with Yahoo reporter Michael Isikoff highlighting his finding that Russian social-media trolls were instructed to watch the overwrought TV series House of Cards to familiarize themselves somehow with American politics. He focused on a troll shop in St. Petersburg, and the focus is all on foiling the Clintons, not enabling them:

In two stories on Wednesday, NPR focused on what Democrats wanted to ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee. On Morning Edition, Russia was their Exhibit A of juicy news, when it dealt with Team Trump  – READ MORE

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