Sweden Is In A Welfare State Of Delusion

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President Donald Trump caused a ruckus recently when he mentioned “what happened in Sweden last night”. Despite no unrest actually reported, he’s been proven inadvertently clairvoyant as the country erupted in immigrant riots shortly thereafter.

The Swedish prime minister had publicly scratched his head over President Trump’s remarks, which weren’t referencing an actual incident, but a Fox News story about the deteriorating situation there. Of course, the media’s tendency to take Trump’s every word literally resulted in a firestorm of criticism. Now there are actual firestorms in Stockholm’s suburb of Rinkeby and other areas in the Nordic nation.

Sweden, Europe’s socialist utopia, bills itself as a paragon of the liberal welfare state. Its politicians point with pride to the broad welcome given to immigrants of every stripe. Now the Scandinavian nation is reaping the rewards of their (lack of) immigration policy: rape, murder, assault, looting, and terror.

The events in Sweden seem to be the subject of a mass government cover-up. Politicians turn a blind eye to the worsening state of public safety in their jurisdictions. Patrik Derk, district director of Rinkeby-Kista, was quoted as saying: “This type of problem exists in most countries, even in the USA…we are managing these problems and will succeed with this.” This attitude is what is known in Swedish as villfarelse (delusion).

Here is how the Swedes are apparently “managing these problems”: Police enter a riot zone, often near one of the many “no-go” areas with largely migrant populations. Roving groups of rioters attack them with rocks and other projectiles, and the police, along with paramedics and firefighters, are forced to retreat. Beatings, robberies, fires, and other acts of violence ensue. In the Rinkeby unrest, people were assaulted and a press photographer hospitalized. In the city of Malmo, migrant rioters have taken to lobbing hand grenades in the street. Hand grenades. One killed an 8-year old boy.

Problems are being “managed” so well in Sweden that 80% of law enforcement officers there are looking into new careers. Something safer, perhaps, like mercenary duty in Somalia or diplomatic work with Boko Haram.

Despite dismay among the increasingly beleaguered police, most Swedes still are pro-immigration. They believe that refusing entry to refugees is mean-spirited; pro-immigration protests with “Refugees Welcome” signs are commonplace events despite the recent violence.

Perhaps it’s Islamophobic to suggest that the violence in Sweden is caused by Arab and Somali migrants. Then again, maybe not. Local police investigator Peter Springare stated on social media that almost all the serious crimes are committed by these groups. To the Swedish, Mr. Springare is an outlier; close to retirement age, he feels that he no longer has to toe the line of political correctness. He’s decided to tell it like it is, despite pressure from Swedish authorities to keep silent or be investigated for inciting “race hatred.”

Sweden’s desperate attempt to not appear racist has consequences: These include rapes of women and children ignored and stories of immigrant violence censored. With an entry policy that has remained wide-open, it is clear that P.R. (public relations) trumps P.S. (public safety) in Stockholm.

Low morale among and violence against law enforcement officers. Alarming escalating rates of violent crimes in many cities. Long-standing weak immigration policy. Reluctance to call radical Islamic violence for what it is. Sound familiar?


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