Smoking Gun Memo: FBI Demands Police Withhold Orlando Massacre Intel From Public


The FBI has dictated to all involved Florida law enforcement agencies to withhold any information to the media or public about Omar Mateen’s Orlando killing rampage, according to a FBI correspondence obtained by True Pundit.

Instead, the FBI directive says, all requests for information must flow through the FBI, the same agency that interviewed Mateen four times for terrorism links yet never charged him. True Pundit reported that Mateen was instead, an informant who was paid to develop intel on Muslims for the FBI. The FBI denies these allegations.

Last week True Pundit also reported Mateen’s wife, thought to be a target of a possible federal indictment for accomplice to mass murder, was spotted traveling outside the United States. Noor Salman, True Pundit reported, was located in Jordan, not far from her family’s roots in Palestine in the Middle East. The FBI has not commented on the whereabouts of Salman.

The FBI’s letter, from FBI Tampa SAC Paul Wysopal to all Florida law enforcement departments, is attached below. It smacks of an agency in turmoil trying to control the flow of information in the hopes of sparing the bureau further national embarrassment. Moreover, the directive breeches a number of state and federal laws but at this point, who in the federal government is following any laws anyway?


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