Shocking Poll: Young Americans Believe U.S. Is Most Racist Nation


According To A New Poll From The Foundation For Liberty And American Greatness (Flag) And The Polling Firm Yougov, Nearly Half Of Young Americans Believe The United States To Be More Racist Than Other Nations.

When asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement “America is more racist than other countries,” 46 percent of young Americans said they agreed. Overall, 49 percent of the 1,078 Americans polled said they believed America is racist.

Those surveyed in the poll, conducted from Oct. 23-29, were also asked if they approve of athletes kneeling during the national anthem. Overall, 52 percent said yes, while 48 percent disagreed. In contrast to older generations, 66 percent millennials, ages 22-37, said they approve of athletes kneeling during the national anthem, while only 34 percent said they disagreed. Nearly 60 percent of boomers, ages 54-72, said they disagree with athletes kneeling during the national anthem. Only 43 percent of the boomers said they approve.- READ MORE


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