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SHOCK VIDEO: Awan’s Attorney Threatens Reporter Goodman For Asking Tough Questions Outside Federal Court in D.C.


The attorney for Imran Awan threatened reporter Jason Goodman after the journalist peppered the Clinton-linked defense lawyer with tough questions about his client’s fraud case and bizarre behavior on Friday.

Attorney Christopher Gowen, former money man for President Bill Clinton, did not handle the exchange very professionally and resorted to threats against Goodman, the editor of CrowdSource the Truth. Gowen said that the federal court would soon file action against Goodman.

When Goodman pressed for details, the lawyer retorted: “You’ll see.”

The video of the exchange is below and highlights what happens to most Clinton-linked consiglieres when pressured: They come unglued.

Goodman was one of the few journalists at the Awan hearing who asked tough questions.

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