SHOCK POLL: People In 38 Countries Believe Global Warming Is As Big A Threat As ISIS


A new Pew Research Center poll of 38 countries found most people believe the threat of man-made global warming is nearly on par with terrorism from the Islamic State.

ISIS and global warming were the top two threats among people living in 38 countries, according to the Pew poll released Tuesday.

Sixty-two percent of the nearly 42,000 people polled said ISIS militants were a “major threat” to their country, and 61 percent also identified global warming as a major threat out of a list of eight possible threats presented by pollsters.

“ISIS is named as the top threat in a total of 18 countries surveyed – mostly concentrated in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States,” reads Pew’s polling report. “A substantial number of these countries have endured deadly terrorist attacks claimed by the Islamic militant group.”

“In 13 countries, mostly in Latin America and Africa, publics identify global climate change as the topmost threat,” reads the report. “It is the second-ranked concern in many other countries polled.”

Worry about global threats varied from country to country. More Americans, for example, saw ISIS as a major threat than global warming by a 74 to 56 percent margin. Seventy-one percent of Americans saw cyber attacks as a major threat.

Germans and French citizens polled by Pew saw ISIS as the biggest threat at 77 percent and 88 percent, respectively, while 63 percent of Germans and 72 percent of French saw global warming as a major threat.

Countries surveyed included the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Japan, India, Philippines, Israel, Brazil, Kenya, Australia, South Africa and Russia.

On the flip side, 51 percent worried about cyber attacks and the global economy. Only 39 percent said Syrian refugees were a major threat, and 35 percent identified U.S. power and influence as a major threat.

The Pew poll is a little surprising given most other polling shows global warming ranks as a low priority for most people.

One reason for the high concern over global warming could be that Pew pollsters presented a set of eight categories to respondents and did not ask them to rank the seriousness of each issue relative to one another.

A recent Bloomberg poll found only one-in-ten Americans thought global warming was a top issue facing the country.

A 2016 YouGov poll of 18,000 people in 17 countries found only 9.2 percent of Americans rank global warming as their biggest concern.

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