Satellite Imagery Captures Thousands Of Unfinished Ford Trucks Stashed At Kentucky Speedway


Satellite images obtained by The Drive paints a clear picture of the chip shortage shitshow impacting Ford Motor Company.

Thousands of Ford trucks with missing semiconductor chips are parked at Kentucky Speedway, a 1.5-mile tri-oval speedway in Sparta, Kentucky, which hosts NASCAR and Indy Racing events.

“There are thousands of trucks at the facility awaiting chips. You can see the progression, particularly in the righthand lots; the first photo in the set of three is dated April 18 of this year while the second is from April 26. The third and final shot is a more recent view captured on May 1,” The Drive said.

All of the Ford trucks are missing similar items, including various semiconductor chips.

Here’s another view of all the trucks:

Before And After

A Ford spokesperson told The Drive that the company is “making the most of our available semiconductor allocation and will continue finding unique solutions around the world so we can provide as many high-demand vehicles as possible to our customers and dealers.”

The spokesperson continued to say the trucks at Kentucky Speedway would be held for “a number of weeks” before the completion.- READ MORE

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