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SAD: CNN Can’t Crack Top 10 In Cable News Ratings


CNN continues to lag behind its rivals in its quest for ratings, as the top 10 spots in cable news are all currently held by either Fox News or MSNBC personalities.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took the top spot for May, with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow right behind him. This surge in Maddow’s popularity may signal a change for MSNBC, as they have been bested by Fox on a consistent basis for more than a decade.

Seven out of the top 10 shows were Fox News programs. The only MSNBC shows to crack the top 10, other than Maddow, were “The Last Word With Lawerence O’Donnell” and “All In with Chris Hayes.”

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CNN has consistently taken a hard line against President Donald Trump, causing rifts between the network and the White House.  Trump famously decried CNN as “fake news,” and continues to tell the American people how biased CNN is against his administration.

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