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Russians Want Improved Relations With the West, But Only on Equal Terms


Levada Center has published its latest poll, finding that in the present geopolitical environment, the number of Russians who think it’s necessary to patch up relations with the West has fallen from 23% to 15% in the past year. Commenting on the findings, experts explained that Russians aren’t hostile – they just want their country to be respected.

According to Levada’s findings, the number of Russians who consider it essential for Russia to improve relations with Western countries has dropped from 23% to 15% compared to this time last year. The number of those who ‘would sooner like’ to see a normalization of relations has also fallen, from 52% to 47%. Meanwhile, the number of those ‘opposed’ or ‘categorically opposed’ to improving relations has risen, from 14% to 18% and from 2% to 6%, respectively.- READ MORE

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