Rob Reiner Melts Down over Trump: ‘Ignorant, Criminal, Mentally Unstable, Racist’


Hollywood director Rob Reiner once again unloaded on President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning, insulting him with nearly every derogatory term used in modern politics.

“Hypocritical. Incompetent. Corrupt. Ignorant. Criminal. Mentally unstable. Racist. Misogynistic. Self-aggrandizing. Self dealing. Disrespects allies. Embraces dictators,” Rob Reiner wrote. “And all wrapped up in a constant stream of lies. Ladies and gentleman, the President of the United States.”

It is not currently clear what provoked his latest outburst, although Reiner is known to regularly used his Twitter feed to unload on the current president. Earlier this year, he described Trump as a “cancer” on the American Presidency, while also calling him a “mentally ill sociopath” who is “certifiably insane.” – READ MORE

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