RNC Votes To Denounce White Supremacists


The Republican National Committee on Friday denounced white supremacist groups as part of the organization’s approved resolution statements at the Summer meeting in Nashville.

One such resolution stated, “Nazis, the KKK, white supremacists and others are repulsive, evil and have no fruitful place in the United States,” the Associated Press reported.

However, although the vote was unanimous, some members believed it was unnecessary and indicative of how the party is dealing with the matter since the violence of the Charlottesville protest and president’s response to those events happened.

Bill Palatucci, New Jersey’s RNC committeeman sponsored the resolution and said it was  key for the committee to formally denounce white supremacists.

“I think he got it wrong a week ago Tuesday, in regards to Charlottesville,” Palatucci told the AP, referencing Trump’s comments that there were “very fine people on both sides” at the Charlottesville protest.

However, not every member felt the resolution was necessary to begin with.

“It’s amazing that we have been lured into this argument that we’re not racists. It’s absurd,” Colorado Republican Chairman Jeff Hays said. “Why would we feel compelled to do that?”

Longtime RNC member from Virginia Morton Blackwell, who supported the resolution, noted, “Every person who came to Charlottesville intending violence was evil.”

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