Rigged: 10 Percent Of Dem Super Delegates Were Lobbyists/Shadow Lobbyists


Some 95 of the 712 super Delegates at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia were either lobbyists or shadow lobbyists at some point, according to a report by the Sunlight Foundation.

Super delegates make up about 15 percent of the Democrat delegates who choose the party’s nominee. In 2016 they overwhelming pledged their support early for the eventual nominee Hillary Clinton. That support was reflected in media reports on the contest between Bernie Sanders and Clinton, padding her lead and adding a sense of inevitability to her candidacy.

Comprised of elected Democrat officials, party bosses, and influencers, the super delegates are free to vote for the nominee of their choosing. More than 600 pledged their support to Clinton and it was pledged super delegates that led the Associated Press to declare Hillary Clinton the winner of the Democrat nomination on the eve of the California primary before voters in that state got their say. The timing of the announcement was a move that Sanders’ supporters saw as further evidence of a rigged system and voter suppression. – READ MORE

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