Reporters barrage hiding student with requests during MD school shooting


Reporters from numerous publications descended like vultures on Twitter to pick apart a student trapped inside Maryland’s Great Mills High School during a school shooting on Tuesday.

“Hi Twitter. I am in Great Mills HS. My school is on a very real lockdown threat and there’s already someone possibly dead,” Mollie Davis posted Tuesday morning. “Please pray for us.”

Instead of prayer, Davis received requests for comment about the situation.

“Hi @davism0llie this is Rachel with ABC News,” reporter Rachel Katz wrote. “Are you ok? Are you in a safe place? Can you tell me what is going on at your high school?”

Minutes later, other reporters began to barrage Davis with questions.

Folks online, meanwhile, sounded off on the media’s feigned concern for students in pursuit of the story.

“Good Grief, don’t you think you should wait until she’s safe before you hound her with questions?” Jesus Christ Marie wrote. “You people can be parasites!” – READ MORE

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